New Year’s Eve

Today was interesting … First, one QT got her new table brought home for New Year’s Eve. However, from now on I want to see pictures of what we have to move before Mom says we will do it. This thing is huge but we got it home to Ms. Karen’s house.
After that Dad took his extra Roping horse for a kid to try. We loaded up some calves and the horses in a barrowed stock trailer and headed East. When we got there everyone took turns running calves. I even took Ice and let him get in some practice too… It looks as if Nugget will get a good home by the end of the week.
When we got home we did chores while Mom got ready for our big New Year’s Eve Plans. Okay so it wasn’t all that much. First, Mom made semi-homemade Pizza
Add in some Chips, salsa, dip and a old Western DVD and there you have it. Happy New Year Everyone … Hope you had a great year and I look forward to all the adventures God has in store for me in 2012 … See Ya’ll next year … LOL

Christmas Continues

Okay so Christmas didn’t really continue but Mom did get me out of town to the store I needed to return my boots I got for Christmas to. I love my new boots. Check them out…
We did take some time get feed, get it unloaded and I did a bit of riding… In my old boots so that these will stay nice. Tomorrow Dad and I are helping a QT get her picnic table home and then taking one of the horses to a kid to try. With any luck he will buy it and lighten the load for Mom and Dad. What are your big plans for New Years Eve???

Pens Pens and Pens

So today I cleaned out the show pen and then I had a great idea. I think I am going to make a birthing pen in the center of the barn. Our old barn is in three sections. The first is used to store our hay, the second is used to store our baler (and now everything from the shed that was ruined in the micro burst because we have no place else to put it) The center section is used for feed storage and some hay in the early parts of winter. After the hay is gone it really just sits empty. There is a back room that we use for a bit of storage but that is it. I was thinking that cleaning the back room would give me one birthing room and the center part could be another.
Now all I have to do is clean them out and get Mom and Dad to agree. I don’t even know if I will have lambs or kids in the spring. I have seen Chief trying to mount every ewe we have but I am not sure he is getting the job done as he is still a bit shorter then the ewes and they don’t stand still for him.
As for the Goats I have not removed the weithers from the stall so I see them mounting the girls more then I see the billy do it. I am thinking that next year I will remove those that I want bred to the smaller pen so that the billy can get the job done.

What a day

Can you believe it?? After everything we went through to get the new wood burning stove in the kitchen today it was to warm out to use it. That is just crazy. Doesn’t the world know that it is Dec 28th and winter outside. Okay, so it was 60 degrees out and the sun was shining so bright but we worked hard to get that stove in.
Anyway, with it so nice out the work continued around the farm. The Sheep and Goat shed got cleaned out and so did the Calf shed. A new large bale of hay got put out and a number of small odd jobs were done. All in all it was a good day

Tails of the Traveling wood stove

Today Mom and I had to go to Missouri to get a new old Wood burning stove for the kitchen. Ours had two cracks in it and it had been repaired once already but not very well. These cracks caused it to smoke alot.
When we got it home we had to get it out of the back of the truck. This thing is heavy and it wasn’t easy. We loaded it from the truck onto the carry all of the tractor and drove it to the back door.
This is the old one we had to take out … Nothing like moving two really heavy things in one day. Dad sure did have a red face. This is the old one
We removed it and put the legs on the new one and then fit all the pipe to it.
Mom started treating the bit of rust on it and she said she would have it looking like new in no time. This summer she plans on painting it with high temp paint so that it really will look brand new.
We all are just glad that we won’t have to have smoke in the house everytime you try to start a fire. Mom also said that it won’t have to have the doors closed all the time so it will heat the kitchen better then the old one. I am just happy it is done.
I ended my day getting to go rope inthe practice pen. Mom always let me have time to play after the work is done. It is kind of our Motto here… LOL

A fiber kind of day

Today I worked and played hard. This morning after my school work, Mom and I got to work. First we went out and cleaned up the Equipment pen. Then I cleaned the show poultry pen while Mom cleaned up Ranger’s Night time pen.
After all the work Ms. Karen came back and took her first drop spindle lesson from me and she also got a Crochet Lesson from Mom. She spend the afternoon spinning, crocheting and chatting while watching Home Alone 2 with us. It was really cool. While she was here, her and Mom some how ended up playing on Petfinder looking for a St. Bernard for Mom. Mom thinks she found one in Mobile AL. She called them but they only do adoptions on Saturdays…. You know what that means … Mom works Saturdays. She call the place that has him and left a message for them to return her call. When I asked her if she really was going to try and get him she said “We will see, If it is meant to be it is meant to be.”

Here is his listing … Isn’t he cute …

When Dad got home, him and I rode the horses and brought up the cattle and penned them in the new pen for Tomorrow’s appointment with the guy from the USDA.

Christmas at our House

Christmas Eve was our big day with the family. We had a 22lb Turkey and all the fixings.
This is before the Turkey and the other stuff got put out … So Much Food … YUMMMMM!
Dad’s parents came and Mom’s adoptive parents came. Then there was Sister and her Boyfriend and Mom’s Granny. We all ate, decorated cookies and chatted the day away. We opened the few presents that we had for each other and then played Twister and watched Christmas Movies. Granny took some time to get some pictures with Me and Sister. It really was a good day.

Today we got up and did chores and ate pancakes for Breakfast. Then Mom surprised me with one present that she had hid away so that I would have more then work to do today. It is a hunting game you plug into the TV and hunt deer on. It has a gun and everything. I got to play it thing morning while I lay in bed being lazy.
Then we got out and worked on the real Christmas present for the farm. The New Pen …. It came together fast and then I had time to ride.
First we layed out all my new panels ….
Then I layed out all the T-posts ….
Then Dad drove in the post while Mom held the panels.
This is me taking a break while Dad tried to get the tractor started to move the boat into a different stall.
Now all the calves can be kept safely off the pond when it is frozen.
We also had a very special Christmas visitor that came to see the four legged residents of the farm.
Our Shareholders are always welcome on the farm but coming at Christmas just makes it extra special. I hope Ms. Karen enjoyed feeding the goats and sheep. As well as loving on Angel and the baby calves. Not to mention all the animals that just stood around and watched her as she made the rounds. I hope she had as much fun today as I did. I ended the day Hunting with Dad because he still had a doe tag to fill ….. Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Horse Play

Today I took time to play with my horses. Here is Ice out in the cattle hay ….
Here is Ice bucking a bit as you can see he doesn’t get much air under him … That is a good thing…
Here is Angel … She still wears her coat and tonight she will stay out for the first time since I got her.
She trust me so much now I can walk right up to her anywhere … Even when she is free in the pasture …
Tonight Mom is making all the pies and muffins for the Christmas Holiday … The house smells so good … Merry Christmas Everyone and May God Bless you and Keep you safe.
Christmas Question:

In Home Alone 2 what color Limo did Kevin Rent?