I am thankful for my life

My Mom is always telling me to be Thankful everyday for everything I have. So Today I want to say I am … My whole life is a blessing. I just hope everyone is as Blessed as me.
This is the feast I ate on all day … Blessed if you ask me…
The Christmas tree going up … Blessed again …
Kitten’s first Christmas follies … Yes … Another Blessing …
Jethro is growing into Rebel’s old Jackets … A LDG Blessing
And found Mom spinning this when I came back from riding … It’s Blue so you and I both know it is probably a Christmas Blessing From Mom …

Alot going on

Man, what a crazy time. Yesterday I spent the whole Day with My Cuz… His name is Andy and he is older then me. He is 26 and he loves to hunt. We hunted all day until we stopped for food and to fix his water leak at his house. Then we were back in the fields. Today Dad and I hunted every chance we got but Mom interupted it with a couple of chores we had to help her with. It was important things like … Get the Thanksgiving Groceries in from the car … LOL I also had to stop and take a very important phone call. Oh, maybe I should back up and tell you about what happened Saturday first.
REWIND….REWIND….REWIND …… Saturday while I was at the sale barn the owner came to me and told me he wanted me to see something. He pulled out his phone and showed me two horses. One is a Red Rone and the other a bay. He told me he had gotten an email from a man looking to get rid of the horses to a good home. Dad did what he always does and said I didn’t need another horse. When I got home I talked to Mom and she talked to Dad and they both talked to me and then we email the gentleman for more information. Sunday I got an email from his wife with a phone number and I called and left a message. Then today The gentleman called me back. We are working on going to see the horses and Mom said she would help me do what I did with Ice with them. Then we are going to sell them cheap to another 4-H Kid who might not be able to afford a horse or know how to break one and give the man something for his feed bill. If it all works out I will have some more horses to work with and a couple of good friends to ride.

Busy Day

Today I was busy doing a whole lot of nothing. I started the day hunting for a deer. We got called away from that to take care of an owl that was taking chickens. At this point Angel decided she wanted Storm out in the pasture with her and opened Storm’s Gate. It was all a mess and in the end I got Storm back and lost one chicken to the owl.
Then I helped Dad clean up the wood that we had half cut up for winter. We cut it up but it was just in a pile on the ground in front of the wood pile. After that We were moving two bales of hay out to the pens and the tractor quit us. So we fixed that and got the hay out before riding Angel and working Storm.
After all that I ended my day the same way I starte it … Looking for a deer….


Today I didn’t get much done. I got my school work done and then I tried to help Mom clean the house up and get ready for Thanksgiving. Really, I DID try. But all I could think of is Duke. Every chance I got I was in the other room with him and Macy. After a good nights stay in the bathroom Mom thought it would do Macy some good to be let out into what we call the Den. It is actually Sister’s old Bedroom but we put bookshelves in there and a futon and there is a big window with a bird feeder outside. Mom says some day the futon will go and two rocker chairs will be in it’s place. As for me I don’t care I just wanted to be with my cat, The Duke.
He is so amazing …. And huge … He also has a huge motor as I call it because he purrrrssss alot. Isn’t he cool?

Chirstmas is here and I have alot to be thankful for

Man, Today was great. Okay so really it started out like any other day. I have waffles for breakfast. Did chores and my school work. Then I helped Mom set the bathroom up for her Christmas present. Since she hasn’t been able to find herself a dog Dad let her bring a cat home from the shelter. The cat is one that has been used by the shelter for over 2 months to nurse kittens. She would nurse ANY thing. She even raised orphans that came into the shelter.
Meet Macy! She is just a simple gray and white cat that has a heart of gold. In the animal world animals don’t raise other babies besides their own. In fact most times they will kill orphans to ensure their own survive. At the shelter she was just called the Momma Cat. But at our home she is going to be an indoor cat and her new name is Macy. She has to stay in the bathroom just like Slickett did until her stitches come out. Then she will have the run of the house and never have to hunt for food or care for babies again. This is enough to make the day great because Mom was happy to have Macy home and happy she no longer was contained in a cage But Mom did me one better. Meet Duke!!!!!
Duke is the biggest cat I have ever seen and he is mine. He will also be an indoor cat but he has to stay in the bathroom also because he got fixed too. Him and Macy get along great. They act like they have known each other all their lives. Anyway, He is mine and I love him already. Mom even said that he can sleep in my bed with me after he gets out of the bathroom and his stitches are out. Both cats have their own collars with bells and I got a couple of toys I am going to play with them with. I can’t believe he is really all mine. We have a farm but Duke and Buddy, my dog, are my house pets and I think they are great. The 28th won’t come soon enough for me. That is when Duke gets his stitches out!

Great Mail Day

Before I get into the events of the day and my exciting post I want to share something with you. Remember “Chris”? The happy customer??? Check out what he did with the yarn he got … and in his words … the color is “Russett, aztec gold & blends. The sheen from the mohair is awesome and it makes the yarn almost glow” Thank you Chris for sharing. I always worry that because I am young people won’t share what they really think of my products…. I can’t make them better if I don’t know I need to even work on it….
Now back to our regularly scheduled Program…..LOL

Man, Today was a great mail day. I just can’t imagine it getting any better as far as Mail is concerned.


First thing I got was from the Vet’s office and it was for Storm. For the record Storm’s Coggins and health papers say she is clean and doing great.
The next item I got in the mail really knocked my Socks off… Remember when I got the first three Cotswold Ewes? Well, we have been waiting for so long but finally we got their transfer papers … For Christmas Mom is paying all the fees to get their papers up todate and in my flock name.
(Yes that is a grin … I thought the lady would never send them)
The last Item came from a special lady over in Kentucky at The Unique Sheep and she is known as “Painty”. She sent me a small but awesome box. I couldn’t get it opened fast enough.
When I got it opened this is what I saw ….
Okay, then I took the note out and saw this….
Any guesses??? First, there is cotton … Raw Cotton from the plant and it is going to be spun for my fiber notebook. One of them is kind of brown … Is there such a thing as natural colored cotton??? Who knew???
The other thing in the box was silk coccons…. They too will be spun up for my fiber notebook. I had no idea silk worms died to give us their silk…. but then again being born with no mouths might shorten their lives too.
Really Painty is Awesome and I am going to have great fun learning all I can about raw cotton and processing silk cocoons. (Did I mention she left the seeds in the cotton and I am going to save them and plant them in what I am calling a fiber garden this spring?)
So what plants can I grow in my fiber garden? Cotton I know but Hemp is out of the question because Mom is the Mommy and she said so …. LOL Any other suggestions? and Remember I have to be able to get seeds and it has to be able to be grown in Oklahoma

Winter on my mind

Today Mom and I got down to business. First we cleaned out the community coop and turned the younger hens loose in the coop. They fit in really well to tell you the truth. Then we cleaned out the deck pond, as we call it. The inside boxes as well as their ponds and outside pen.
Then we Moved on to the goats and sheep. A few weeks ago we took time to spray for weeds along the fence line. And Man did we have some mean ones. Stick tights and cockleburs are not my thing and they are even worse for the fiber on the goats and sheep. So after they were dead we cleaned out the fence line. Check it out ….

There was a bunch of those nasty boogers… Those thorns hurt too.

Everyone had to get in on the act but we made the goats stay on the other side of the fence.

Even the chickens got in on the act and Ranger and I made sure we didn’t miss any of those nasty things. It looks much better doesn’t it?

After we did both sides of the fence, we did the only thing we could with those thorny things …. Burn them…. They went from this ….

To this in about 5 minutes….

Then I let the goats and sheep enjoy the clean area for a bit… I think they liked it …

We even took time to clean out the inside of there stall and get the water in place so we can plug in the heater for the winter. Then Dad helped me restock that new hay feeder I made…. I really to think

Soldier Santa Update

Today I worked on getting the soldier’s gift packs put together. We are in the last push of the project and are still short a few things. If you have been holding out and plan on Donating Please take a moment to do so because now is the time … All the packages will be mailed off by Thanksgiving. We have had to pack them in more boxes then we thought because they are a little bigger then weso we are hussling to get it done and out in the mail.
Other then that today I just worked on getting the menu done for Thanksgiving Dinner so that Mom could do the shopping tomorrow after she gets of work. The mail was great today though. Dad’s new spur straps finally came and Mom got her yarn she ordered. All in all it was a good day. Quiet but good.

catching up

Yesterday I went to my rodeo finals. First let me just say I have to wait until the banquet in Dec for this to be official but I am pretty sure I got a Steer Stopping Buckle. I could have won more but they only award one buckle to each person so even if I win another event I won’t get a buckle for it. I will also get a new Jacket and a set of stirrups.
As for today Dad and I spent the day cutting more wood for winter. We will have to go a couple of more times before the bad weather sets in but we should be good after that. When we got home we went riding and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

Bird Show

Well, I didn’t do so good at the bird show this weekend. For some reason it kind of Bummed me out. I did get 4 new Birds. First I got another Spangled Hen to replace one that I lost to the heat this summer.

Then I bought a pair of partridge Cochins …

Then I got a really pretty Blue Modern Game Hen

Tomorrow I have my finals on the Rodeo circuit. Maybe my luck will change after a good nights sleep ….