Giving Thanks

There are so many things I want to say today but I can’t get them in a good order that sounds right. I want to let everyone know what our Thanksgiving is like and I want to tell what I am thankful for. I also want to tell everyone our traditions because our Christmas started right after our meal ended. Well, lets see if you can make sense of any of this. For Thanksgiving we always eat a good noon time meal and we always have it when Dad gets home from work. Mom says no one will eat Thanksgiving Dinner with out Dad because she hasn’t spent a Thanksgiving without him in 20 years and she will not start now. (She says that every year changing the years of course) Anyway, Mom spends the hours before Dad gets home making everything just so. First all the food is put on the bar. Including the Punch. (I love Mom’s punch … No one makes punch like her)
I always do my part by Microwaving the veggies… No I can’t cook very well but I try and Mom says that counts.
Every night we sit to say grace and eat our meals as a family but on Thanksgiving Mom pulls out all the stops. She has even taught me to set a formal table. Mom says everyone should know how to set and use a formal place setting even if we only use it 3 times a year. (Chirstmas, Thanksgiving and Easter) My Dad hates it but he likes the food so he gives Mom her way on this one …. LOL
Can anyone tell who sits where??? Anyway, I also wanted to take a minute to say Thanks. While we say thanks everyday for everything at every dinner I want to take a minute and tell each of you what I am thankful for this year. First, I am Thankful for my life. I love how we live and I am happy to be living it. I am thankful for all my animals and those that have supplied me with them. From Shepherd Susie to Oh Dang Farm to the Good Lord who provided them all. My animals are my life and they mean the world to me. I am also Thankful for the people in my life. If I had to pick one person I am most thankful for it would be My Mom. She is the rock around here and while others come and go she is here to stay. She supports me in everything and we work side by side most of the time. She makes sure I am doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. I am thankful for my entire family and both new and old friends. I am Thankful for my health. This year I have not had to use my inhaler at all. As the years go by I am Thankful my health improves and things are looking up. And last I am Thankful for my world. I know it isn’t as big as some peoples worlds but mine is big enough for me right here and right now. As it grows I will to and I hope it is all for the best.
After Dinner, We start Christmas. Dad and I dig out the Christmas decorations from the atic and we normally get the tree put up Thanksgiving Night but this year Mom had to work so it is planned for Tomorrow. We also have the advent wreath to start tomorrow. This weekend we will decorate the outside of the house with fake pine greens and white lights. Mom likes simple decorations … In fact I was hoping we would get the tree done today so I could post a picture. Our tree looks old fashioned … It has all crocheted decorations on it but pine cones, bows, blue balls and one dove made of feathers. It is really cool and as Mom says it is her perfect tree. Well, I am off to bed. I bet you know what tomorrow’s post will be about …. Christmas …. LOL

Thanksgiving in the making

Okay so I started out doing everything I do on normal days. I did my school work and chores to start. Then Dee, the poultry tester, came and both coops were NPIP certified. In the poultry world, this is a good thing because it means the birds are healthy and can attend shows. When Dad got home we went hunting but I missed the few shots I got so I came home in time to go with Mom to her bowling night. Now to top our day off Mom and I are staying up late to bake pies and breads for Thanksgiving. Mom has to work tomorrow all day and then she will need the oven for the Turkey. In our house the bird cooks all night. It is slow cooked and so good. Anyway, I am off to bed so that tomorrow I won’t be to tired to go hunting with Andy. He is coming by about 3pm to take me because Dad has to work too. One thing about living on a farm, we don’t get holidays off. Mom has a job where she doesn’t get holidays off either because she gives everyone else time with their families. Well, it might seem weird to you but it is just the way it is here…. Normal to us I guess…. Good night ….

I never knew Thanksgiving could be so exciting

Life just doesn’t get any better then this. First, I went hunting with Andy again. I got a buck and a doe. That is enough meat to last most the winter. I didn’t know if any one would really wanted to see those kind of Pictures here so I didn’t post them but the Buck had 7 points and a nub. The doe was older and really big for a doe. After I checked them in I got some even better news. We have found a local Fiber artist. She is awsome. She is really nice and I get to go meet her Tuesday. I can’t wait. She has all the toys I someday want to have. She has a couple of books she is going to let me barrow and she even has her own web sight. You have to check her stuff out … It was all so soft and YUMMMYYYY. Is yummy a word for fiber??? Okay but I did eat it up…. LOL Anyway, visit her web site and see for yourself. I didn’t know Thanksgiving was going to be so exciting….
Oh man, I almost forgot. I have a very special picture to post that I got from a special someone. Check it out and see if you can tell who it is.
Isn’t she pretty??? Can you see me in the picture??? LOL

I am thankful for my life

My Mom is always telling me to be Thankful everyday for everything I have. So Today I want to say I am … My whole life is a blessing. I just hope everyone is as Blessed as me.
This is the feast I ate on all day … Blessed if you ask me…
The Christmas tree going up … Blessed again …
Kitten’s first Christmas follies … Yes … Another Blessing …
Jethro is growing into Rebel’s old Jackets … A LDG Blessing
And found Mom spinning this when I came back from riding … It’s Blue so you and I both know it is probably a Christmas Blessing From Mom …

Alot going on

Man, what a crazy time. Yesterday I spent the whole Day with My Cuz… His name is Andy and he is older then me. He is 26 and he loves to hunt. We hunted all day until we stopped for food and to fix his water leak at his house. Then we were back in the fields. Today Dad and I hunted every chance we got but Mom interupted it with a couple of chores we had to help her with. It was important things like … Get the Thanksgiving Groceries in from the car … LOL I also had to stop and take a very important phone call. Oh, maybe I should back up and tell you about what happened Saturday first.
REWIND….REWIND….REWIND …… Saturday while I was at the sale barn the owner came to me and told me he wanted me to see something. He pulled out his phone and showed me two horses. One is a Red Rone and the other a bay. He told me he had gotten an email from a man looking to get rid of the horses to a good home. Dad did what he always does and said I didn’t need another horse. When I got home I talked to Mom and she talked to Dad and they both talked to me and then we email the gentleman for more information. Sunday I got an email from his wife with a phone number and I called and left a message. Then today The gentleman called me back. We are working on going to see the horses and Mom said she would help me do what I did with Ice with them. Then we are going to sell them cheap to another 4-H Kid who might not be able to afford a horse or know how to break one and give the man something for his feed bill. If it all works out I will have some more horses to work with and a couple of good friends to ride.

Busy Day

Today I was busy doing a whole lot of nothing. I started the day hunting for a deer. We got called away from that to take care of an owl that was taking chickens. At this point Angel decided she wanted Storm out in the pasture with her and opened Storm’s Gate. It was all a mess and in the end I got Storm back and lost one chicken to the owl.
Then I helped Dad clean up the wood that we had half cut up for winter. We cut it up but it was just in a pile on the ground in front of the wood pile. After that We were moving two bales of hay out to the pens and the tractor quit us. So we fixed that and got the hay out before riding Angel and working Storm.
After all that I ended my day the same way I starte it … Looking for a deer….


Today I didn’t get much done. I got my school work done and then I tried to help Mom clean the house up and get ready for Thanksgiving. Really, I DID try. But all I could think of is Duke. Every chance I got I was in the other room with him and Macy. After a good nights stay in the bathroom Mom thought it would do Macy some good to be let out into what we call the Den. It is actually Sister’s old Bedroom but we put bookshelves in there and a futon and there is a big window with a bird feeder outside. Mom says some day the futon will go and two rocker chairs will be in it’s place. As for me I don’t care I just wanted to be with my cat, The Duke.
He is so amazing …. And huge … He also has a huge motor as I call it because he purrrrssss alot. Isn’t he cool?