Pink Angel

Today I decided I wouldn’t let things get me down. Mom said “we had to just make sure Angel was safe and sound and move on. It happened but we can’t be angry and let it turn us into them.” So although I want to hurt this man or get back at him in some way, I will let God handle it and move on. No, it really isn’t that easy but I am trying. First thing this morning I called and checked on Angel. She was up and doing fine and she even whinnied to the guy that is feeding her. He told us to call this evening for an update and he would keep us posted.
After that, Mom and I kept to our planned day. I made it to the post office with a Christmas Swap box and I got to go to a special lady’s house and learn alot about dying. I want you to meet Mrs. Stacy Little of Tempted Yarns. For those of you who are new to Mrs. Little’s work, you can check her out at or at any one of the stores that carry her line. You can find her stuff in the following Brick and Mortar stores:
* The Yarn Company in NY City
* Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA
* Sealed with a Kiss (SWAK) in Guthrie, OK
* Stringtown Yarns and Fiber in Ft. Smith, AR
* One City Market in Rogersville, MO
* Ball and Skein in Germantown, OH
* ReBelle in Lexington, KY
There is even a knitting shawl pattern named after her … It is called the Stacy Shawl
I also met her Daughter Emily… She is my age and she is a great writer and graphic artist (okay she is actually 2 months and a week older then me, that is why she is taller) Her and I even found time to play a few video games while our Mom’s talked about life and homeschool.
I didn’t just make new friends … I really did learn a lot and I got to play with all kinds of “toys” … She has a Drum Carder
And combs and hand carders …
She also has two of the sweetest cats on Earth. The black one is Binks and the long haired one is Sookie. They are both huge …
While we were there, I got the call we all have been waiting for. The Vet had his asst. hand deliver the bloodwork on Angel to the Lab and then she told them how urgent it was so they did the test on the spot. AND ….. It is Negative… ANGEL IS CLEAN. She will get to come home on the first night Dad can get home from work in time that we don’t have to move her in the dark. She needs some daylight to get used to her new home and it sounds … (the trains for one thing)
Anyway, Mom acted her totally goofy self today and tried to steal this lady’s socks. Stacy and Mom laughed about it and Mom has no idea why she likes them so much. Stacy offered to teach Mom to knit socks if she wanted but Mom said it was just the color that got her. Stacy Dyed this yarn herself. Isn’t it amazing what she can do with color?
Like I said I learned alot today (like I can’t take Mom anywhere because she is going crazy about all this fiber stuff too … It must be a bug that bites people or something… First me now Mom… Who is next???)
Would you believe I actually dyed a skein of yarn??? And the Best part is that – Thanks to a donation from Tempted Yarns and Mrs. Stacy Little – It is now to be given away in honor of Angel’s bloodwork coming back clean and her getting a second chance at life. I wanted to do something off the wall. Something that had nothing to do with anything that had happened in the last two days. Something that was so not me. You know, I wanted a clean start for everything. So Here are the details: This skein of yarn is 400 yds/100grams of 100% superwash Merino called Good Grrl. It is so soft and light and it is available on Stacy’s web site but this one is the first and only one I myself Dyed and I named the color. The name of it is Pink Angel.
To get in on this give away all you have to do is comment on this post. The winner will be picked at random from those who post. I just wanted a way to thank everyone for their well wishs and prayer and thanks to Stacy I think I found one that will make someone very happy to win….. I know Angel has a long road ahead of her but I pray the worst is behind her.

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