Another Horse Day

Today after chores Dad And I headed back to my new horses. We took a weeks worth of hay and feed, two feed pans and alot of love. I got the horses fed while Dad unloaded the feed and hay. They don’t look great now but they will in time. I also took some pictures just as I promised. First here is the pasture they have been in. It is small, has nothing for them to eat and half of it is under water since the rain.

Now for the horses. First I used different names instead of the ones posted here. All of them were good names but I think these two fit them better. I want you to meet…. ANGEL… She is the Roan Mare… and the sweetest of the two

While she is in better condition then the bay she is doesn’t look great.
Now meet STAR … Okay so the white on his face isn’t a perfect star but it will do when you hear why I named him that.
I decided to name them Star and Angel because it is Christmas and it was a Star and an Angel that lead everyone to Jesus. I know that these two won’t lead everyone to Jesus but maybe they will lead someone to have a kinder heart. I know they have touch me and my family and I can’t wait to get them home. Everyone Please pray their Bloodwork comes back clean and I get them home soon.

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