Lions and Tigers and Horses … Oh my

Sometimes people mean well, but it doesn’t always go as planned, even with the best of intentions. That is the case of these two horses I am looking at getting. First they are in very poor condition. Not because the people who have them are mean or anything but just because they don’t know how to care for them. Let me start at the beginning.
Turns out this Man didn’t originally own the horses. He let a neighbor keep them on a piece of land behind his house when the owner ran out of grass and hay. Then the owner lost him home because he got into drugs and other things. Now the man who was nice enough to let the owner keep them on his land is stuck with them and he and his wife do not know how to care for them. Not only that they can’t afford to buy hay and feed because up until about 2 months ago neither one of them had a job.
My point is that they are very, very thin. When we saw them it was getting dark but they seem to be looking to us to help when we got there. Mom talked to the man and his wife and told them if they would hold them until we got them coggins tested we would take the horses. They agreed and Mom told them we would be down with Feed and Hay for the horses and that we will start taking care of them now.
When we got home Dad called a friend of his that owns the Sale barn near where these horses are from and as of Saturday he will take care of them for us until the blood work comes back on them. That way we know they will be getting enough feed and hay and they will start gaining weight.
I can’t wait to get them home and get them healthy again. They are going to be so pretty. The Bay in the male and the Red Roan is a female. The Mare is really sweet and let me come right up to her. After I got to messing with her the Bay came up to us too. I know it was just because they were looking for food but they were both so sweet. In my heart I know they are going to be fine and that I will be able to ride them and they will be happy here. I am doing my part to save these horses and give them a better life but now you have to do your part. I need names for these two. Every living things needs a name. It is the first step to being dignafied. So Please Post all the ideas in the comments and tomorrow I will post pictures of them so that you can get an idea of how they look. (It was to dark to get any pictures today, Sorry) Remember these horses have been through alot and they need great names that show they can over come anything.

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