Christmas Tree

Today is a special day. First it is the day we say the first prayer around the advent wreath. Mom says we are suppose to do it like the 26th but we always do it the day after Thanksgiving. Also we put on Christmas cartoons and put up the Christmas Tree. Now as everyone knows, if you put up a real tree you don’t do it this early, so yes, ours is fake. This is a hot topic in our family because my Mom’s family always had a real tree. Every year someone has to say something about our Fake tree but I will be honest with you. It has nothing to do with anything other then me. It is not what we prefer or a tradition. What it is, is that I am alergic to Pine trees. How can you have a real pine tree in your house if you are alergic to it? And how Merry would my Christmas be if I were in the hospital or on Breathing treatments again? I know Mom gets tired of hearing it by the end of the season because she will be pointing out that “we have a fake tree and a live kid not a real tree and a dead kid, and we like it that way.” Anyway, Mom put the tree together and tries hard to make it look real It goes from this…
To this ….
And to this lit up
If you notice there is already one gift under the tree. It is the first gift under there each year and it is never opened. You see on Christmas Eve we pass this gift to each person and it is their perfect gift. The others have to try and guess what it would be if it really were the perfect gift. Sometimes it is material things but other times it is serious. Anyway, it is just a game we play on Christmas Eve and one of our traditions. What traditions do you have??

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