How can it be

Just minutes ago I was looking forward to giving way my first yarn dying job. Then with one Facebook post my families whole world came crashing down. A friend that I rope and ride with is now a missing person. Rocky Cox is 12 years old and he is a good friend, we text and rope when ever we can. But sometime today he disappeared from School. Who knows why? I don’t get it. I never thought this could happen to anyone I knew. This week is turning into a nightmare. Last night Mom was up until 1am with a car wreck that sent on person to the hospital in a ambulance and a cow had to be put down. Not one of ours, mind you, but the neighbors. Then this tonight. I will tell you Mom made me take a minute to do the drawing but not before she called our preacher and got Rocky on the prayer list. So as much as I hate to say it … It is with a very heavy heart that I tell BJ she is the winner of the Pink Angel. Maybe the Pink Angel will protect and bring Rocky home…. BJ please email me your address so I can get your yarn in the mail.

Pink Angel

Today I decided I wouldn’t let things get me down. Mom said “we had to just make sure Angel was safe and sound and move on. It happened but we can’t be angry and let it turn us into them.” So although I want to hurt this man or get back at him in some way, I will let God handle it and move on. No, it really isn’t that easy but I am trying. First thing this morning I called and checked on Angel. She was up and doing fine and she even whinnied to the guy that is feeding her. He told us to call this evening for an update and he would keep us posted.
After that, Mom and I kept to our planned day. I made it to the post office with a Christmas Swap box and I got to go to a special lady’s house and learn alot about dying. I want you to meet Mrs. Stacy Little of Tempted Yarns. For those of you who are new to Mrs. Little’s work, you can check her out at or at any one of the stores that carry her line. You can find her stuff in the following Brick and Mortar stores:
* The Yarn Company in NY City
* Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA
* Sealed with a Kiss (SWAK) in Guthrie, OK
* Stringtown Yarns and Fiber in Ft. Smith, AR
* One City Market in Rogersville, MO
* Ball and Skein in Germantown, OH
* ReBelle in Lexington, KY
There is even a knitting shawl pattern named after her … It is called the Stacy Shawl
I also met her Daughter Emily… She is my age and she is a great writer and graphic artist (okay she is actually 2 months and a week older then me, that is why she is taller) Her and I even found time to play a few video games while our Mom’s talked about life and homeschool.
I didn’t just make new friends … I really did learn a lot and I got to play with all kinds of “toys” … She has a Drum Carder
And combs and hand carders …
She also has two of the sweetest cats on Earth. The black one is Binks and the long haired one is Sookie. They are both huge …
While we were there, I got the call we all have been waiting for. The Vet had his asst. hand deliver the bloodwork on Angel to the Lab and then she told them how urgent it was so they did the test on the spot. AND ….. It is Negative… ANGEL IS CLEAN. She will get to come home on the first night Dad can get home from work in time that we don’t have to move her in the dark. She needs some daylight to get used to her new home and it sounds … (the trains for one thing)
Anyway, Mom acted her totally goofy self today and tried to steal this lady’s socks. Stacy and Mom laughed about it and Mom has no idea why she likes them so much. Stacy offered to teach Mom to knit socks if she wanted but Mom said it was just the color that got her. Stacy Dyed this yarn herself. Isn’t it amazing what she can do with color?
Like I said I learned alot today (like I can’t take Mom anywhere because she is going crazy about all this fiber stuff too … It must be a bug that bites people or something… First me now Mom… Who is next???)
Would you believe I actually dyed a skein of yarn??? And the Best part is that – Thanks to a donation from Tempted Yarns and Mrs. Stacy Little – It is now to be given away in honor of Angel’s bloodwork coming back clean and her getting a second chance at life. I wanted to do something off the wall. Something that had nothing to do with anything that had happened in the last two days. Something that was so not me. You know, I wanted a clean start for everything. So Here are the details: This skein of yarn is 400 yds/100grams of 100% superwash Merino called Good Grrl. It is so soft and light and it is available on Stacy’s web site but this one is the first and only one I myself Dyed and I named the color. The name of it is Pink Angel.
To get in on this give away all you have to do is comment on this post. The winner will be picked at random from those who post. I just wanted a way to thank everyone for their well wishs and prayer and thanks to Stacy I think I found one that will make someone very happy to win….. I know Angel has a long road ahead of her but I pray the worst is behind her.

Guest Blogger Mom

It is not to often that I get to get on here and say much but this is one of those times when A Mom has to do what a little boy can’t. While RJ is growing into a fine young man, He is still a child in so many ways. Facing life in the matter we had to today, is one of those ways.
This morning I got a call while on the way to take Macy to the vet to get her stitches out. We were suppose to spend the day decorating for Christmas and going to the post office. However, the call reported that sometime this morning or last night Star went down and couldn’t get up. I got done with Macy’s vet appointment and we headed straight to the pasture. (Please keep in mind it takes us over an hour to get there) Our First thought was that he coliced. We gave him a shot of Banamine and worked for over an hour but he was still not able to get back to his feet. A Neighbor stopped and started helping and even brought a tractor. If we could get him up the tractor could hold him for a bit while he got his barings and he would be fine. Sadly, by this time Star was to weak to stand. When the Vet finally got there he told us Star had a 2 to 3 percent chance of making it. After 7 hours of working to save this sweet, loving, grand horse, the Vet had to Euthanize him. I will be very frank here…. I am very angry and hurt. All this horse had wrong with him was no one fed him. It turnes out the man had lied to RJ about alot of things. The care the horses had been given was all a lie. The way he got them is all half truths. We thought we were helping them. RJ and Lee took feed and hay to these people to give them. They told us they would care for them but that they couldn’t afford the feed and hay. That isn’t true. They thought it was to much of a bother to even do as we asked and feed them. We took them everything those horses needed and they were just to busy or lazy to do what we asked. The Vet said our help came about 6 months to late for Star and that he was in the last stages of starvation. He was losing hair by the handfuls and the Vet said his Liver was actually starting to be eaten up by the horses own body for fuel. I am not only angry but as you can see heartbroken too. RJ just wants to know why and I have no answer for him. Why would those people do that? How could they not care for something that can’t care for it’s self? What kind of heart does it take to let an animal starve when there is feed and hay on your own back porch?
Okay, I need to stop, enough about all that. Star is gone and we have Angel to worry about. There is one good thing that came out of all this. The Vet was nice enough (okay he saw the urgency of it) to do the bloodwork early on Angel so she could be moved to the sale barn. The Vet put a rush on the bloodwork as well so we should know something by Thursday. (Friday at the latest.) Honestly, the Vet was great. He even thanked us (the neighbor Dawn and her two girls included) for trying to help. If you didn’t catch that … We got Angel out of there tonight. She is safe and sound at the sale barn and if she can make it the next 48 hours with no problems she will be in the clear as long as her bloodwork comes back clean. I know it sounds like a broken record but Please, Please say a prayer for Angel. She has a long road to go and I don’t think RJ would be able to stand it if she was lost too…..

Another Horse Day

Today after chores Dad And I headed back to my new horses. We took a weeks worth of hay and feed, two feed pans and alot of love. I got the horses fed while Dad unloaded the feed and hay. They don’t look great now but they will in time. I also took some pictures just as I promised. First here is the pasture they have been in. It is small, has nothing for them to eat and half of it is under water since the rain.

Now for the horses. First I used different names instead of the ones posted here. All of them were good names but I think these two fit them better. I want you to meet…. ANGEL… She is the Roan Mare… and the sweetest of the two

While she is in better condition then the bay she is doesn’t look great.
Now meet STAR … Okay so the white on his face isn’t a perfect star but it will do when you hear why I named him that.
I decided to name them Star and Angel because it is Christmas and it was a Star and an Angel that lead everyone to Jesus. I know that these two won’t lead everyone to Jesus but maybe they will lead someone to have a kinder heart. I know they have touch me and my family and I can’t wait to get them home. Everyone Please pray their Bloodwork comes back clean and I get them home soon.

Lions and Tigers and Horses … Oh my

Sometimes people mean well, but it doesn’t always go as planned, even with the best of intentions. That is the case of these two horses I am looking at getting. First they are in very poor condition. Not because the people who have them are mean or anything but just because they don’t know how to care for them. Let me start at the beginning.
Turns out this Man didn’t originally own the horses. He let a neighbor keep them on a piece of land behind his house when the owner ran out of grass and hay. Then the owner lost him home because he got into drugs and other things. Now the man who was nice enough to let the owner keep them on his land is stuck with them and he and his wife do not know how to care for them. Not only that they can’t afford to buy hay and feed because up until about 2 months ago neither one of them had a job.
My point is that they are very, very thin. When we saw them it was getting dark but they seem to be looking to us to help when we got there. Mom talked to the man and his wife and told them if they would hold them until we got them coggins tested we would take the horses. They agreed and Mom told them we would be down with Feed and Hay for the horses and that we will start taking care of them now.
When we got home Dad called a friend of his that owns the Sale barn near where these horses are from and as of Saturday he will take care of them for us until the blood work comes back on them. That way we know they will be getting enough feed and hay and they will start gaining weight.
I can’t wait to get them home and get them healthy again. They are going to be so pretty. The Bay in the male and the Red Roan is a female. The Mare is really sweet and let me come right up to her. After I got to messing with her the Bay came up to us too. I know it was just because they were looking for food but they were both so sweet. In my heart I know they are going to be fine and that I will be able to ride them and they will be happy here. I am doing my part to save these horses and give them a better life but now you have to do your part. I need names for these two. Every living things needs a name. It is the first step to being dignafied. So Please Post all the ideas in the comments and tomorrow I will post pictures of them so that you can get an idea of how they look. (It was to dark to get any pictures today, Sorry) Remember these horses have been through alot and they need great names that show they can over come anything.

Christmas Tree

Today is a special day. First it is the day we say the first prayer around the advent wreath. Mom says we are suppose to do it like the 26th but we always do it the day after Thanksgiving. Also we put on Christmas cartoons and put up the Christmas Tree. Now as everyone knows, if you put up a real tree you don’t do it this early, so yes, ours is fake. This is a hot topic in our family because my Mom’s family always had a real tree. Every year someone has to say something about our Fake tree but I will be honest with you. It has nothing to do with anything other then me. It is not what we prefer or a tradition. What it is, is that I am alergic to Pine trees. How can you have a real pine tree in your house if you are alergic to it? And how Merry would my Christmas be if I were in the hospital or on Breathing treatments again? I know Mom gets tired of hearing it by the end of the season because she will be pointing out that “we have a fake tree and a live kid not a real tree and a dead kid, and we like it that way.” Anyway, Mom put the tree together and tries hard to make it look real It goes from this…
To this ….
And to this lit up
If you notice there is already one gift under the tree. It is the first gift under there each year and it is never opened. You see on Christmas Eve we pass this gift to each person and it is their perfect gift. The others have to try and guess what it would be if it really were the perfect gift. Sometimes it is material things but other times it is serious. Anyway, it is just a game we play on Christmas Eve and one of our traditions. What traditions do you have??

Giving Thanks

There are so many things I want to say today but I can’t get them in a good order that sounds right. I want to let everyone know what our Thanksgiving is like and I want to tell what I am thankful for. I also want to tell everyone our traditions because our Christmas started right after our meal ended. Well, lets see if you can make sense of any of this. For Thanksgiving we always eat a good noon time meal and we always have it when Dad gets home from work. Mom says no one will eat Thanksgiving Dinner with out Dad because she hasn’t spent a Thanksgiving without him in 20 years and she will not start now. (She says that every year changing the years of course) Anyway, Mom spends the hours before Dad gets home making everything just so. First all the food is put on the bar. Including the Punch. (I love Mom’s punch … No one makes punch like her)
I always do my part by Microwaving the veggies… No I can’t cook very well but I try and Mom says that counts.
Every night we sit to say grace and eat our meals as a family but on Thanksgiving Mom pulls out all the stops. She has even taught me to set a formal table. Mom says everyone should know how to set and use a formal place setting even if we only use it 3 times a year. (Chirstmas, Thanksgiving and Easter) My Dad hates it but he likes the food so he gives Mom her way on this one …. LOL
Can anyone tell who sits where??? Anyway, I also wanted to take a minute to say Thanks. While we say thanks everyday for everything at every dinner I want to take a minute and tell each of you what I am thankful for this year. First, I am Thankful for my life. I love how we live and I am happy to be living it. I am thankful for all my animals and those that have supplied me with them. From Shepherd Susie to Oh Dang Farm to the Good Lord who provided them all. My animals are my life and they mean the world to me. I am also Thankful for the people in my life. If I had to pick one person I am most thankful for it would be My Mom. She is the rock around here and while others come and go she is here to stay. She supports me in everything and we work side by side most of the time. She makes sure I am doing the right thing at the right time with the right people. I am thankful for my entire family and both new and old friends. I am Thankful for my health. This year I have not had to use my inhaler at all. As the years go by I am Thankful my health improves and things are looking up. And last I am Thankful for my world. I know it isn’t as big as some peoples worlds but mine is big enough for me right here and right now. As it grows I will to and I hope it is all for the best.
After Dinner, We start Christmas. Dad and I dig out the Christmas decorations from the atic and we normally get the tree put up Thanksgiving Night but this year Mom had to work so it is planned for Tomorrow. We also have the advent wreath to start tomorrow. This weekend we will decorate the outside of the house with fake pine greens and white lights. Mom likes simple decorations … In fact I was hoping we would get the tree done today so I could post a picture. Our tree looks old fashioned … It has all crocheted decorations on it but pine cones, bows, blue balls and one dove made of feathers. It is really cool and as Mom says it is her perfect tree. Well, I am off to bed. I bet you know what tomorrow’s post will be about …. Christmas …. LOL

Thanksgiving in the making

Okay so I started out doing everything I do on normal days. I did my school work and chores to start. Then Dee, the poultry tester, came and both coops were NPIP certified. In the poultry world, this is a good thing because it means the birds are healthy and can attend shows. When Dad got home we went hunting but I missed the few shots I got so I came home in time to go with Mom to her bowling night. Now to top our day off Mom and I are staying up late to bake pies and breads for Thanksgiving. Mom has to work tomorrow all day and then she will need the oven for the Turkey. In our house the bird cooks all night. It is slow cooked and so good. Anyway, I am off to bed so that tomorrow I won’t be to tired to go hunting with Andy. He is coming by about 3pm to take me because Dad has to work too. One thing about living on a farm, we don’t get holidays off. Mom has a job where she doesn’t get holidays off either because she gives everyone else time with their families. Well, it might seem weird to you but it is just the way it is here…. Normal to us I guess…. Good night ….

I never knew Thanksgiving could be so exciting

Life just doesn’t get any better then this. First, I went hunting with Andy again. I got a buck and a doe. That is enough meat to last most the winter. I didn’t know if any one would really wanted to see those kind of Pictures here so I didn’t post them but the Buck had 7 points and a nub. The doe was older and really big for a doe. After I checked them in I got some even better news. We have found a local Fiber artist. She is awsome. She is really nice and I get to go meet her Tuesday. I can’t wait. She has all the toys I someday want to have. She has a couple of books she is going to let me barrow and she even has her own web sight. You have to check her stuff out … It was all so soft and YUMMMYYYY. Is yummy a word for fiber??? Okay but I did eat it up…. LOL Anyway, visit her web site and see for yourself. I didn’t know Thanksgiving was going to be so exciting….
Oh man, I almost forgot. I have a very special picture to post that I got from a special someone. Check it out and see if you can tell who it is.
Isn’t she pretty??? Can you see me in the picture??? LOL