Happy Halloween

Today is halloween. To me it is just another day. It isn’t that my family doesn’t believe in Halloween or anything. I just don’t like it. When my Sister lived at home she loved the whole Scarey, dress-up, get candy stuff. My Mom did a chili party every year and all our friends came over. We played games and ate chili and candy. It was fun but since I was in 1st grade I haven’t dressed up. First off I don’t want to dress up and second I don’t like being scared. Yes My parents always made it fun for me and no one ever dressed up at the parties unless they wanted to. In our atic we have everything from fog machines to rats in cans and Ghosts that move around the room and Stroble lights. Need I go on? But for the first time in years that is where it all will stay. I am glad. Instead Mom is cooking burgers out one the grill and she made peanut butter cookies. We will be eating our burgers and cookies in front of the TV while we watch a DVD of Bonaza. We don’t have Television as most know it. We just watch DVDs. So that is where you will find us this year. What is your best Halloween Memory??? So far mine will be this year.

Fund Raiser

Today I went to my Rodeo. They got new stock and none of us did very well. I did manage to stay in the points but it still wasn’t my best day at the rodeo. On the other hand I started our poultry fund raiser. You will never guess what we are selling. Hand warmers. I am going to add them to my items for sale page just in case you guys want to get some and you didn’t win them in the give away. And just think you will be helping a group of about 15 kids not just me …. LOL

Normal Saturday

For the most part today was a normal Saturday. I spent the day at the sale barn and bought a calf. Then when I got home I rode for a bit but it was awful windy. Not that being windy is anything new here on the prairie. After that I worked on getting my business in order to make it a real business instead of just something to raise money for college. I will be using the money I make to go to college but if I start now I will have a business to run when I get out of college as well.
The only other thing we are very excited about around here is Grover. For the first time since he was moved to the new pen he went all day without getting his head stuck in the fence. I think he should get an award but I have no clue what he would want besides feed…


Mom and Dad gave me one of my Christmas Presents early. They said since I was working hard on my Business dealings I could have it…. My page has now moved to http://www.barnontheweb.com Mom said it really wasn’t that much and everything is moved over now people just have to fix their bookmarks in the computer …. But some how I am fine with that. LOL What a great week this has turned out to be

Ranger Day

Today only one thing out of the ordinary happened. Well, you see it was Friday and Fridays are really hard on Mom because her Shelter is not a No Kill. She wishes it was and prays that some day it will be but for now it isn’t. Mom tries not to let me see her but she cries alot on Fridays. She even tries to fake being in a good mood by smiling alot.
Anyway, Every Friday Mom normally came right home and headed to the pasture with Rebel but as you know Rebel is no longer with us. Before I knew what was going on Mom came through the house and headed to the barn. I didn’t pay any attention until She was already out in the pasture. I was riding in the Arena and I saw her with …. RANGER. Now we have been working with Ranger but first off I have to tell you that we work him in the goat and sheep pen. He never leaves his herd. Second we work him on a lunge line. A Lunge line is about 50 Foot long. It is long enough to make Ranger feel free and give him room to run but it also gives us some control of him if he gets to chasing things. (which he likes to do) At first I thought I was seeing things. Mom not only had Ranger with her but she was also on a walk to the pond. She wasn’t working him at all. Not only that but there was no leash, no lunge line, no ANYTHING! He was going with her willingly and staying right by her side. I don’t know what Dogs see in Mom but Range must have known she needed him because I have never seen him act so well behaved until AFTER his lessons.
I am not sure what Mom does on her walks but Ranger seemed to enjoy the freedom and even on his way back he was never more then a few steps ahead of Mom. I watched from afar but I was so please with Ranger’s behavior that I gave him just a little bit of extra food at dinner as a treat. You don’t think he will turn into Mom’s dog do you???

Important day for RJ’s QTs

Today I took another step in being a real business. Okay so to you it isn’t a real big deal but to me it is and I had to invest some money to make it happen. That makes it scarey for me as well as important. So what did I do?? Don’t get excited but today Mom and I sat at the computer and came up with a slogan for my fiber business and then we worked on the tags for the Yarn and Roving we are producing. We did come up with an awsome Idea that helps cut costs. I can get 500 Business type cards and we have made them usable for the yarn tags, roving tags and my business cards. It took a bit of figuring and playing but I think they came out great. We ordered them and we will have them when the yarn and roving comes back from the Mill. To Cool huh?
Now I am off to be a kid and have fun at the 4-H hayride and bon fire …. The life of a kid and a business man all in one … Isn’t it great. God Is Good!!!