Me and Jamie

Today I spent time with the calves because one has scours. I am watching them close and on one of my many trips to the barn Jamie decided she wanted to play with me. Mom took these photos on her cell phone so they aren’t very good. I still think she is cute though and thought you might want to see them. I did get a bit of bad news today though. It is one of those “life isn’t fair” kind of things but at least I got to do it this year. Anyway, My first year going to Regionals will be my last because they have taken Roping off the event list. Oh well, it must be one of those things were God is setting me up for something better. I am planning on posting from the Tulsa State Fair if I can. So stating tomorrow through the weekend look for my “mobile” posts!!! We are going to try and make it like you where there will me but I don’t know how it will turn out. I am even hoping to shoot some video.

Chickens ain’t all that smart

Sometimes I wonder what Chickens think. Or do they? I put the babies out in the community coop in a separate area where they had food and water. The bigger birds also had food and water and a big area of the coop along with the whole outside world. So why is it that the big ones got in with the little ones ate all their food, drank all their water and smashed two of them to death??? And for what?? They had the same water and feed in their area of the coop and much more. Sometimes I just can’t figure those birds out … Any help with that one?

Nothing to Write home about

You have heard people say no news it good news, well it is no news is good news but it makes for a boring blog. The only thing that happened today that marked the day is that I didn’t do to good on my Science test. But as Mom says that’s “nothing to write home about.”
The goats and sheep are doing fine and so are the calves and ducks. Oh wait a minute … I did move the community coop chicks out to the coop. They were in the bathroom but I took them to the coop today and they are under a heat lamp so they should be fine. I know … Again “Nothing to write home about.”
I think tomorrow I will do a day in pictures … Or video some. That way you all can see how they have grown. We are hoping with the change of the weather we will have a bit of breeding going on but if not this year then next.

Good Day

Today was a good day. First I did my school work … That is normal not really good. The difference was that Mom and Dad were both home and no one had to go anywhere. Dad did a bit of welding to fix some pens this morning and Mom cleaned on the house. Laundry and Dishes are now done. I won’t starve and I have clean cloths. Then this after noon Mom ran to town and signed me up For Youth in Action. It is a 4-H workshop help in Stillwater over fall break. I went last year and I had so fun so I am glad I get to go again. While she was there she was told that the Regional Horse show will no long have Roping as an event. I am bummed but I know God has a bigger plan for me then. When Mom got home she did get called into work because someone let a vicious, feral Cat out of it’s cage. Don’t people read signs anymore??? It just took Mom a little bit to get things under control and she was back home. While she was gone Dad and I helped the neighbor get his crazy heifer out of our pasture. She was charging the horse and everything else. Can’t say I was unhappy to see her go but it was cool to watch. Anyway, Tonight It was quiet at the house and we ate Deer Chili with fritos and cheese. A great ending to a good day. All in all everything went well … Who could ask for anything more? Oh and 4-H retweeted about my Mom thing so I am hoping even more blankets coming in.

Please I need help

Okay so I am going to try and be sneaky here and I will try my best because Mom Doesn’t really get on here much. Each year I ask Mom what to get her for Christmas and each year she says all she wants is a good meal and a happy, healthy family. She lives her whole life that way, including for the animals on the farm and at the shelter. She never wants for herself always for others. In our home Mom teaches us that God wants us to be the gardeners and zoo keepers of the world. It is what he created Man for. She says everything after that in the bible is to fix how badly we messed that job up. But this year I am not going to ask her what she wants for Christmas because I have the perfect Idea for Mom for her Christmas Present but I need all the help I can get … Please send every person you know to read this post even if they are not a follower of my Blog.
As you all know Mom lost Rebel (He was a 150 lb St. Bernard) just this week and last night she was saying how they don’t have enough blankets for beds for the animals at the shelter and what they do have is falling apart from being used for a year. When the Shelter first opened knitters and Crocheters in the town made all shapes and sizes of beds for the cats and dogs at the shelter but they have been well used or “loved” as Mom calls it. So For christmas I am asking everyone I know to donate a blanket in Rebels name. It doesn’t have to be knitted or crocheted it can be bought. All you have to do is mail them with a note telling Mom that they are donated in Rebels name to PO Box 1654, Coffeyville, Ks 67337 Or you could just donate one to your local shelter and just drop Mom a note saying you did it in Rebel’s name.
So what do you think can we get the animals at the shelter enough beds and make Mom’s day???


Today things began to get back to normal. Dad quit asking mom is she was alright and she quit crying so much. Mom always answered the same “I would be if everyone would just stop asking me that” She still misses Rebel but she did have Dad take his big Food and Water Bowls out of the house. She is going to give me the feed bowl and stand to use for the goats, sheep or calves. His water bowl was a kitchen trash can. Unused of course so now we just have an extra trash can sitting around. I did catcher calling the other dogs by his name sometimes but hey that is okay they answered to it.
Other then that I helped Mom get things straightened up at the shelter. She has got things all organized and cleaned up in the desk and all but one drawer of the filing cabinet. She is also cleaning out some shelves so the Volunteers have places to put their purses, keys and Cell phones. I like helping Mom because that way she seems to be in a better mood and she seems to forget about the hurt of loosing Rebel. So as far as today goes it is getting back to normal it just isn’t quite the same.