Sometimes Mom amazes even me

I know that you all are always saying how great my Mom is but to me she is just Mom. She is who she is. She does the things she does because of the love in her heart. She always has and always will. To tell the truth though sometimes even I don’t know how she does it. This morning with everything else that has been lost, the washer stops. Just stops. No draining, no spinning, Just stops. I know Mom and Dad have it tight. We are a small farm and with the price of feed and the round bales we have to buy this year It is getting even tighter. Add to that the shed that was thought to be insured, not being covered by insurance and Things are getting really tight. Today for the first time I noticed that when Mom was telling me and Dad that it will all work out and that God has a plan she still has a bit of worry on her face. Maybe I am getting older or maybe I never really looked at her while she comforted me and Dad before. Somehow I wonder if she has to see God’s work too, just like me and Dad, to finally stop worrying about things. I used to say she never lets on but now I think I just didn’t notice it in her face. Then again Maybe I am just growing up and understanding more just how much Mom and Dad give to me by giving me this life we have. Just a thought ….

Duck Pond is done

Okay so we had a bit of a set back and it took longer then we thought it would to complete but the Duck Pond is Officaily the new home of my call ducks. This morning it looked like this. Done but empty …

So Mom Took me to town and got some ponds as we call them (okay they are cooking pans but the ducks don’t know that)

It started to sprinkle and I got a bit nervous so I went to see what the chickens in the community coop thought the weather would do. They were all taking cover so I CHICKENED out and went inside and played a bit.

It is amazing how much fun you can have pretending to be a Butterball turkey …. I know I was in a weird Mood today don’t ask why it just happens sometimes….

By the time Dad got home the rain had cleared and I couldn’t put it off any longer. I guess I am kind of scared to keep them out in the open at night. Anyway, I put the White calls in and waited to see them react.

They all looked around and filed out into the outdoor pen …. Then the found the water …. I am guessing only two birds to a pan

After that we put the Greys out but we put them in the pen next to the whites and we had to move them over as the two males tried to fight over hens through the fencing.

The ones that were the most fun to let out where the West Indias …. They loved that they could flap their wings and get lift on the breeze … It was a great thing to see.

After that they all spent hours swimming and splashing and cleaning and do whatever it is that ducks do in their time …

Some even ventured in to take a look at their feed bowls but for the most part they stayed outside the rest of the day and on into nightfall.

This is now the view outside my window. Man I wish Mom’s clothes line was somewhere else. (But I guess I shouldn’t be so picky at least the ducks are by the house now)

And even though it is blurry you get the picture of my View at night as well ….

I guess I was still a little nervous because I kept going out to check on them throughout the night.

And don’t tell anyone but at times I even sent someone special out to check them from time to time …

Yeah, It is Ironman himself …. Told you I was in a weird Mood today…..LOL

Miracle on the loose

Well, I guess most of you heard that we set Miracle free today. She was grown and going nuts in the cage we had for her so Mom and I decided it was time. At first I was fine with it but when she actully took flight and circled the house and took to the trees it kind of stung a bit. I didn’t think it would but I did feel something. I pray she lives a happy long time …
After that, so we could be outside with her, Mom and I worked on the Duck Pond. We finished everything but putting in one board that has to be secured to the roof to make sure nothing can pull the top wire off. Then it will be ready for birds. Ok not quite ready for birds but really close. I will have to find feed bowls and little pans to make into ponds for each run. You know what is funny when Mom started us working on this thing I thought she was nuts but now I am excited. I can’t wait to be able to lay in bed and watch them all while I go to sleep each night. Not to mention I have the thinking bench I can sit and watch them from too. Oh and did I mention that I have 12 duck eggs in the incubator. It is the small incubator but Mom says next project is getting the big one up and running again. Then we will be hatching like crazy this spring.
Oh man I think I forgot to tell everyone I got entered in the Tulsa State Fair. I will be taking my poultry project. I hope I do as good as I did in Coffeyville. This is another show where I am up against grown men. Anyway, I think that about covers everything for the day.
Oh wait no it doesn’t My sumatra Hen got a cold. She is in the house and we are checking her every hour or so and keeping her nose and eyes clear. We also put her on an antibotic. She was doing much better this evening then she was this morning so I think she will be okay

Sorry about the lack of Posts

I will start by saying I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days. Okay, I was going to say I was sorry but Mom says there is a right way and a wrong way to apologize. She says little kids just say the sorry but as we grow we learn saying sorry isn’t always enough and I am grown up enough to use the right way. That means I have to tell you what I apologize for and why. So here it goes. First we had the Micro Burst. Then we had days of clean up. In our shed all the oils and gas and car cleaning stuff was on one side of the shed but the storm threw everything everwhere so it got all over my outside games that were on the other side. We spent two days scrubbing everything with Dawn and saving what we could. Add that to the poultry club trying to get the cages done for the fair and you can see we have been pretty busy. For the last two nights we have had people out to help cut the cages and clip them together. In the end we still have one more day and they will be done.
To top that off we did add a new addition to the pack. She is called “Slickit”. She is about 3 months old and started life a little on the hard side. First she was found in the grease pit at a local fast food restaurant. They found her when the poured the hot grease in the pit. She came to the shelter in really bad shape and covered with cooking oil. There was nowhere that didn’t have oil on her body. She sneezed it for days and flipped her head even longer to get it all out of her ears. To add to her destiny she turned out to be feral. Yes, you guessed it she is a kitten (no that isn’t the secret … Keep reading) Anyway, Mom was having a bad day with the storms and all and she was set to be put down because feral cats are not adoptable. Mom came in and told everyone she was taking her and that is just what she did.

She feels safest in her kennel we have set up in the bathroom. Anytime you scare her she goes right back in. She has to stay in the bathroom for 10 days because Mom got her fixed. She is going to be a feral barn cat and it will be her choice to have human contact or not. She will live out her days free as a bird to do as she pleases. And so far she doesn’t use her claws on anything. She really is a sweet thing. She sure does love Mom though. Maybe she thinks Mom saved her will all those baths to clean the oil out of her coat. (It took three) Or maybe it is the good meals she is getting. Anyway she is here, she is happy and she is one of us.
Also the Chicken coop is fixed…. Yup, it was fixed two days after the storm came in and flipped it. The only difference is this time Sir Will, as we like to call him, put concrete footers in the ground to make sure that never happens again. He didn’t even wait on the insurance check. He just came at 7am the next morning made his list and by that after noon they were working on it and by the next day it was done…. If you need construction in our neck of the woods Sir Will Hadley owner of Hadley construction is your man. He backs up his work and supports the 4-H kids in our area.

Here they just have one more piece of trim to put up and then it was done. Looks like new huh??
There is one more thing that happened in the last week. Mom got a new job. Yes, that is the secret. It really isn’t a new job it is kind of the same job. Oh you want to know what I mean??? That is easy …. She is now the Director of the Animal Shelter as of Sept. 1st 2011. There were other things I don’t understand going on that kept Mom from telling so I couldn’t tell …. Until Now… So there the secret is out…. No big deal right ???

Not Such a Great Day

We have been without power for over 5 hours due to a freak storm called a micro burst. Check out what can happen in 10 minutes of awful weather….

The white is what is left of our shed …. and it was secured to concrete …

The coop was on its front and rolled about 3 times we had to jack it up to get chickens out from under it….Those are the sky lights you see

Got all the stuff from the shed in the yard that we could find and piled it all up. Who knows what was lost … One Shed for the hay was damaged but we fixed it up in no time and the little Goat shed I built needed a few more nails as well.

By dusk we got the first flip under control and worked into the night to get it upright again…

We worked on into the night and got some stuff from the shed sorted to see what we could save. All in all We Thank God it wasn’t worse. The coop was insured so that will be taken care of . As a matter of fact the insurance man and the contractor have already been here and in the morning an cost sheet will be sent in and the work will take place ASAP. As for the Shed… As Mom asked Dad … “Who insures a small tin shed?” No one really so we are at a total loss… We will have to figure that out as it goes. First a good nights sleep

We will Rise

If you have ever heard the song “Rise” by Shawn McDonald you know how we feel here today. Mom has sung it all day long. For those who don’t know the song here is the chorus:

Yes I will rise
Out of these ashes, rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise

Cause He who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise

Mom and I spent the day cleaning up the yard and clearing away the old tin shed. We cleaned every oil covered item with Dawn and saved all we could. We are down to just one tub of what we think we may have to work more to save or just through away. We have moved everything to other spots but we still have the back yard to clean up. Everything is just so messy … It is driving Mom crazy.

Mom says there is a lesson to learn in everything. She says everything happens for a reason and it is up to us to find that reason. The shed taught us that even if you store oil and gas and chemicals on one side of the shed and your kids outdoor toys on the other it isn’t enough. Everything gets oil covered anyway. She also said that we learned a way to secure the Chicken coop to footers and finally we learned that the shed isn’t insured. But most of all she said we will learn to “Rise”! We are not going to let it get to us. We lost over $1500.00 in just 10 minutes of life. Not to mention the chickens that suffered such a horrible death or the damage to the Community Coop. We know God will take care of all of it but we don’t see how. And that is the part that has Mom worried.
I know something is going to happen but I don’t know what, when or why. I know this because of something I saw last night. I don’t understand it but it is just one of those things. Anyway, Last night Dad and I went to the barn to get some stuff to flip the coop back over. We left Mom sorting through things and picking up the yard. When we came back Mom was standing in the yard with tears running down her face. I knew she was up set but the thing that got me was the fact that she was laughing. I looked at what was going on around her and I just didn’t get it. I saw hundreds of Dragon Flies They were huge and everywhere. We have them at the pond but that is over a quarter mile from the house and we never see them by the house. Then there were swallows… Like 15 of them. They were swooping and going after those dragon flies and coming inches from Mom in all directions. They were twisting and turning and it seemed to go on for hours even though it only lasted moments. I just stood there looking, Watching the swallows swoop, twist and twirl around my Mom who was standing there laughing, crying and watching while the dragon flies came out of nowhere and dance over everything. It was so weird that I don’t know what to think of it. I asked Mom about it later and she said she was crying as she looked at the yard, the coop and the task ahead and then all of the sudden the bugs and birds were everywhere and coming so close to her that she just started laughing and couldn’t stop either laughing or crying. She said she didn’t really know what it meant but she liked to think that those wings that came so close to her were the wings of angels sent to help us RISE!