Day of spinning and tilling

Today I spent most of the day learning more about how to spin from a wonderful teacher. Rachel taught me to spin a different way. She rolls the spindle on her leg and for about an hour we spun with my drop spindle. She is good and can make art yarn with her drop spindle. She doesn’t even own a spinning wheel. This stuff looks great and ya’ll should see her go …. She is fast. She can even ply it and she only has one spindle. In return I brought our tiller over to her house and taught her husband and her to till. We broke ground on her garden as well as mixed in the compost. We even dug up on old fence post … It was the most fun I have had working in town in quite awhile.

Homeland Mission Trip

Hey all, Most of you don’t really know me as anything other then RJ Straw’s Mom, Christy, but as most of you know a tornado tore through Vilonia Ark earlier this week wiping out most of their town. What None of you know is that Praise God, my Brother and his family Lived through it with out anything more then tree damage. As a matter of Fact my Sister-In-Laws whole family grew up and still resides In Vilonia. On my two days off next week I plan on taking anything and everything I can get donated that will fit in my truck and my bumper pull trailer to Vilonia. I have a camper and am not worried about rain. I have spoke with Eric Duvall of the Vilonia Fire Department and have arranged for a drop off Monday afternoon. Please share this post (feel free to cut and paste it to an email) with all churches, friends, family and email lists you have …. This could have been us !!! Lets stand proud and show what we all stands for … Helping ALL God’s children …

They need everything B
Bottled water – Singles or Gallons Makes no difference
Hygiene products – Everything from Towels,shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes
Toilet paper
Work Gloves
Cleaning Supplies
Non Perishable ready to eat foods.

The only thing they CAN NOT take is cloths of any kind. They have been overloaded with cloths that are out of date or just not the right season or sizes and they do not have time to sort them all.

I will be at the old rock gym in Lenapah, Sunday Night at 5pm to take donations and then at the animal shelter in Coffeyville Ks Sunday from 1-4 All donations can be dropped off at those times and places. If there is a place in Nowata (HINT TO the Churches getting this email or seeing this post) that I can use to pick up donations I will be there Monday Morning at 9am but as of yet I have no place to do a pick up. If there is anyone wanting to go and help in Vilonia Monday and Tuesday You are welcome to comment here, call, facebook, or twitter me
Christy Straw
RJ’s Mom

No Storms Today

Today the rain and storms finally stopped. This morning it was cloudy so I went to the shelter and helped Mom Bath Dogs. After we got done we went and got feed and some new hardware for the goat gate. When I got home I put the new hardware on the gate so it will hold the goats in. Then I played with Faith the calf and Dad did chores. I even had some time to watch a DVD. Not much happening until things dry out. Mom is working on the Summer to do list and this year she says she wants to finish getting things done outside the way we want them. Dad says it is a bunch of work. I started on the list by fixing the North gate. And it isn’t even summer yet.

All this Rain

Well, these last few days have been really slow. We haven’t really done anything because of the rain. Saturday I went to a 4-H bird show and I did okay. It wasn’t my best show but my Black Australorp Rooster brought home a Reserve Grand Champion in his class. I have been breeding them for the last two years and this is a good step in the right direction. Anyone can buy a winning bird but it is hard to breed one. Yesterday was Easter and our family had dinner together and I got a basket of candy, a few movies and a new Rope. It stormed most the day so we just stayed in and watched my Movies while Mom worked. Today it was even worse because it rained and stormed all day and I haven’t been able to get on the computer much or anything. I can’t wait for it to dry out a bit so I can go play with my goats. One good thing happened today though. I got a new goat toy that I will be putting in their pen just as soon as the Rain lets up.


Storms and Poultry

Today was one of those quiet, nothing much happened, kind of days. It rained and stormed most the day. I did have a poultry club meeting and that went good. We will be having a work day to build the 3 chicken doors for the coop and the runs. We even got a new member and she will be showing one of the pullets at the fair. It will be her first year and she lives in town so she thought she wouldn’t get to show an animal. Then tonight when Mom explained how the coop worked and that we have 25 birds coming for her to chose from she was as Leslie says “over the moon” about the club. It makes Mom smile when we get a new member that gets excited that they can now help with animals all because of the club’s hard work. As for the give away you have tomorrow left to enter as it will be Good Friday and that is when we are awarding the bookmarks. Make sure you leave us a comment so you have a chance to win. They really are cute bookmarks, if you like chicks!

Easter Give-Away

Today I was really busy getting my Birds ready for the show on Saturday. I am taking all my call ducks, my Columbian Wyndotts, my Silver Duck Wings, My Spangled Old English, and my Australorp Rooster. The ducks are easy to bathe but the others take some time and work. Have you ever bathed a chicken? Everyone gets wet. At least I don’t have to blow out the ducks though.


Here is the picture of Wyatt and Statler just so that everyone can see how big Wyatt is. He is the same age just bigger …


On a side note Buck got in trouble today. As you can see he got into the one thing Mom doesn’t like anyone to mess with….. Her Crocheting and knitting Basket.


Because of Easter I am giving away two Banner Bookmarks. All you have to do is comment here and let me know your favorite Easter Memory. Our winner will be drawn randomly from the comments.

Poultry Day

Today Mom and I worked on getting sponsors for the Fair. She got 3 sponsors out of the four needed. We also picked up the Showboxes. They are great. I really hope I win one. After that we headed to Granny’s. I haven’t been over to see her since I got back from Virginia. Last week we had a funeral so we didn’t get to go. I had a great time teaching her to spin on my drop spindle even though I am not very good at it. We chatting away about the trip. I got Granny a set of photos of all the Goats and wrote the names of the Goats on the back along with the dates taken so she will have them to go with the poncho. I told her all about the buildings that all look alike in Charlottesville. I even told her about Abby and shearing. Mom and her talked about the poncho and what it would be like and Granny is tickled to get to be the one to make it. It will be her first time to work with anything but commercial Mohair yarn and she has only worked with it once. When we got home I set out to get ready for my Bird show on Saturday. Tomorrow we will be bathing and blowing out all the birds and making sure they are healthy for the show.