Today we went and gave Papa 3 ducks. One was a wild flying Mallard. To bad she flew away just an hour after her release. The other two were domestic ducks that are still there. Nana didn’t even get home from work to see the Mallard before she was gone. Then we headed to town and got all the last minute stuff done for the trip. From there we went to Granny’s to stock her up on groceries so she will be okay while we are gone. When we got home I put up the last of the fencing around Mom’s big hay bales, put the latch on my door and went to get “Wyatt” the boer goat. I think he likes the ramp but he seem kind of lonely. I can’t wait until he has a bunch of friends to play with.









New Web page

Okay, Thing have gotten a little crazy since Susie announced my new title and I got down to putting everything in order. But that does not mean that I slacked off my volunteer work at the shelter. It just means it changed a bit. The shelter Board took one look at my new web page and were a bit upset that mine look that good and was free. To cut their costs I set them one up too. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://www.coffeyvillefriendsofanimals.weebly.com/

3 days to go

Today had it’s ups and downs. First I got a call about Wyatt the boer Goat I raised last year. He will be coming home forever tomorrow night. Then I went and picked up the last of the things we need to bring Susie’s flock home. After that it was all down hill. I have to return the chicks I raised for a guy who had to many when he had shoulder surgery. Some times things all go home at once but this time I am looking forward to my trip so it isn’t to bad but still they were my babies …

Great News

I have some awsome news for today so I will be blogging twice. Most of you know that my family raises bottle babies for other people. We take them in, raise them to grain and then the owners take the animals back and pay us for our services. In the process I get attached and most of the animals end up as someone’s dinner or at the sale barn anyway. But NOT THIS TIME!! I raised and halter broke a young Boer Goat wither last year. The guy let me show him at the fair and I brought home a second. After the fair “Wyatt” as we called him went home….. This morning I got the best text ever. Wyatt is for sale and I have first choice…. Mom said since he is fixed he can be our guard goat. If he is to rough Mom says we will move him but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

4 days and counting

Today Mom was off and we tried to get alot done but it rained so we only got stuff done in the house. Okay and the shopping and she made me get a haircut… Man, Susie you better like my hair. I so Hate haircuts. They make my hat fit all wrong. Nothing worse then a good looking hat that just don’t fit right. Anyway, We also got the shopping done. I eat alot so Mom went and got all kinds of stuff for the trip. She said it would cut costs if we didn’t stop at alot of fast food places, so we are packing sandwiches and chips and snacks … YUM!! The only thing we aren’t bringing is the kitchen sink and the barn … LOL
The only other thing that happened today was someone (who will remain nameless … Leslie) found my old ice skating videos on Facebook. For the record Mom told me someone would find them and we talked about taking them down but I didn’t do it. Anyway, I did use to compete in ice skating but I haven’t in over a year because I was at a point were I needed to get serious or I wasn’t going to improve at a good pace. I even won a few medals and went to State games of America in Colorado. I could do everything but my Axel and that is the hardest jump of all. All I needed to do was start getting height on my jumps and power in my spins but that takes alot of time and practice. With Any rink over an hour away it just wasn’t worth the drive for me anymore. Besides I wanted to move on to other things … Like owning my own livestock.

5 Days to go

5 days and I can’t wait. It is hard to get my schoolwork done with everything going on. I got The book Angora Goats the northern way from the library and Mom says it is now my book for the week. Oh man, I have to read about my goats for school… that will be so painful. LOL More of my chicks have hatched so I have about 8 now… Not bad with the high temp spike … Anyway I wish the rain would stop so I could be out more. Well, That is it for tonight … good night world

Penny Update

This is RJ’s Mom and I have taken over this blog for this post. Here is a Penny Update … Yesterday Penny had kind of a rough day. She didn’t seem to want to eat or Poop. With her surgery it is important that she do both. But today she is feeling much better. She is getting a routine down and that is a good thing. She goes out (taking care of business), comes in and sits at my feet for her treat, (medication but don’t tell her that) and then goes into her kennel to eat and then spends time with her Bucky. She is the sweetest thing and as it stands right now she will go into foster care the 9th of April. If you recognize that date it is because it is the day of the meet and greet and my first day back at work after the trip to Susie’s. I am sure you see where this is going. She will be coming home with me for the remaining weeks until her and Bucky can be adopted out. They will be at the Meet and Greet to meet her fans but in a quiet spot as we don’t want to wake the baby … LOL And now back to your regularly Scheduled Blogging.

Chicks Peeped

Today was kind of interesting. Mom worked the shelter while Dad and I tried to get things ready for the trip and our meet and greet. In the middle of everything my Chicks started to pip. The only problem is that I didn’t think any of them had made it since the electric has gone off in the spring storms and then spriked when it came back on. I wasn’t ready at all. Some are not looking great but most are doing well. We will have to see how it all turns out. This is my first Generation Showbirds. To top that off tomorrow the hair lamb I was raising is going home. I am so looking forward to the days when the babies are mine and never go home.

Goat and Sheep Meet and Greet

On April 9th at 5pm we will hold our first event. Anyone interested can come and meet Leslie and I with our new herd/flock and enjoy a burger or dog. All you have to do is RSVP on the Events page, grab your favortie side and come on. Upon receiving your RSVP you will be emailed directions to the Event. We are located 60 miles north of Tulsa, Ok or 15 miles south of Coffeyville Ks. If you are in the area you are welcome to come out and meet us and our new babies …. Click on my event page and RSVP.