So for the last few days I have been getting things done around the farm as well as picking up day work. I spent some time Friday working cattle and the Saturday I was building fence. As for today … well, it was to wet from much of anything but Mom found us something to do worthwhile.

So Friday I went to a neighbors and we both headed out to a local rancher’s place to work cattle. There were around 60 pairs to be wormed, worked and Vaccinated before we separated some of them into weaning pens. It took us awhile but honestly it is the kind of work I like to do.

Saturday was another story. Mom had Dad and I working and building fence almost all day. This isn’t the kind of work I like to do … LOL … It started when we put up the field fence in the new horse runs. Then we moved to the sheep pasture where we divided it into a North and South pasture. We even hung the gates and this created a new large pasture for Murphy. He now has a shelter and will be wintered in that new pasture. After that we headed to the back cattle pasture were we ran another new strand of Barred wire. That makes two done and two more to go. We are doing a little at a time as it costs at least 70 bucks to do one strand the whole way down the pasture.

Then today we woke up to a very wet farm. It stormed last night so my day work for today was put off until tomorrow. So with time on our hands Mom and I went out and cleaned two stalls and then set out clearing drainage ditches in the stalls to help move water off of them in the future. It is easy to dig when it is so wet so we worked along the new barn, Coop’s stall, Derf’s pen and the holding pen. Only time will tell if what we did will help or not.


Baby Steps are still progress

So I am still working on putting together my new job. I talked to a money man about funding and so far I have worked on making arrangements for the use of a Truck, Trailer and some land to lease if I am able to get the cattle. So now it is just a waiting game to see what I hear back from the Money man and the owner of the other items I am looking at leasing.

Yesterday I started by talking to a money man I found that might back me. We took time to pencil out the numbers and think it all through. All in all he said it sounded like a solid plan. However, for the amount of Money I am looking for he was going to have to think on it and do some number crunching of his own and he will get back to me.

I then checked out the lead I had on some land. Again I went over the whole plan and even went as far as to presented a Draft of the contract I was proposing. Again I was told it sounded like a solid plan but they would have to think on it and weigh it all out in their heads and get back to me with an answer.

At this point all I can do is wait. Wait for the money man. Wait for the other people leasing items to me. It is one thing to have a solid plan but it is another when you have to prove yourself and fish for the resources to make that plan a reality. So I wait.

Today while I wait I am building new fences with Mom and Flat Stanley. We are dividing the main sheep and goat pasture into a north and south pasture. And then I had to help Mom reset her posts for the horse runs as the rain made the posts she set the other day into water wells with sticks in them … LOL … I know it isn’t funny as Mom worked really hard on them but then again if you would have seen those posts floating in those holes you might laugh too.

After working with Mom and Stanley I went off to do my roping and riding … it is a fun way to pass the time while I wait.

Life Changing Direction

So It has been a bit since I last blogged. First, I no longer work for the horse trainer. It got to be to much. I owed Mom the work on the farm to pay for my room and board not to mention my phone bill and the stalls and feed for my horses. Not to mention my roping suffering since I didn’t have time to practice.

So about 2 weeks ago I went back to doing what I do best … it is what I know. And I have to say I think I enjoy it. I went back to working the training the horses on the farm. So where does that leave me?? Without a job that produces cash?? How will I be able to get ahead in life? I have minimal bills now as I work for my parents and they pay all the house hold bills. How would I ever be able to have this job and a family if I want one later in life??

With so many questions lurking in my head I started to do a bit of soul searching. And I came up with what I think is a plan to at least grow my lifestyle. What do I mean? Well, I think I have a plan to get some Steers and contract them out for ropings. That would mean I have the steers and take them to rodeos and team ropings and they pay me between 5 and 7 bucks every time they run one of my steers.

It is kind of a step in the direction of being a stock contractor. However, it will also allow me to use a few of the steers to train team roping horses as well as the calf horses I already do.

So I will be bringing you along for the ride. The first step in this venture is finding capital to purchase the steers. After that I need to find a bit more land then Mom and Dad have so I will be looking to lease land close to home. I have a lead on a bit of land that I may be able to lease and today I took the first steps to get funding to purchase the cattle. I pitched my proposal to a potential Money Man.

The owner of the land also has a truck and trailer that I may be able to lease … That means if this works out I may have a line on starting to be a grown up.

Not a good week

So this week has kind of, well for lack of a better word … sucked! After an amazing gift from God in the form of a Blessed weekend of Roping, things seemed to just turn. First, Gigi passed away without warning and then Daisy. The Vet thinks the Calf’s knee is blown, I have court tomorrow and we are trying to finish up the hay. I have to be thankful for all I have but right now it is just a bit hard.

So Gigi was showing signs of being thin and just seemed Blah. Nothing we could put our finger on so we put her in the watch pen and called the Vet. We changed her wormer and she seemed to do much better. She went back to eating her meals and even ate cookies during farm visits. We thought she was on the down hill slide and just needed to put the weight back on. That was until we went out to go to the barn and found she had passed away. She had just laid down as if to sleep and didn’t wake up. It was tough to take. It came out of nowhere. She was Carrie’s big Girl from last year. She survived a hard birth and came into this world weighing 16lbs. It just didn’t seem fair and we don’t even know what we could have done to keep it from happening again.

Then last night Daisy the Duck was having some issues getting around so we babied her. She ate just fine and drank and seemed fine but in need of a bit of TLC. However, no matter what we did it didn’t make a difference. She didn’t get better and by morning she had passed. Okay, so that one hurt even more. I haven’t known a day without Daisy for the last 10 + years. She was my first show pair of ducks. Her and Donald were my everything for my whole showing career and she has won more titles then I can remember. Yup, as much as Mom and I cried over Gigi … We bawled like babies over Daisy. Her mate Donald had passed years ago but for some reason I just never thought of life without her in it. Mom is torn because she looooovvveesss Ducks in General and at first she said we would be getting more Ducks then she said “Who am I kidding? We can never replace our sweet Daisy.”

To add to our frustration our Gordy the calf May have a blown Knee. We are working to figure out a way to get it to drain the infection out better. It seems to be draining less and we aren’t sure if that is a good thing or not. We are doctoring and praying but for now we are trying a few new things with hopes of getting all the infection out of his body.

To top it all off I have court tomorrow so that a judge can figure out I wasn’t drunk or High on anything when I had my wreck. Then with any luck I will be able to convince the court to give me a break and not report it to my insurance history so that Mom and Dad’s insurance doesn’t go up. Oh and let us no forget that Dad is cutting hay. And if you have followed us for any other haying season you know Dad gets in a mood when he is haying. Just this morning he took my head off because he didn’t get up earlier. That lead him to gripe that Mom and I didn’t get to town to get gas for the tractor until late.

Why do we have to have times that test us so??? I know I am supposed to be Thankful and I am but I wish I didn’t have to deal with all this at once.

Not a Kid Post – Adult Strong stomachs only

So I have been getting on doing the daily chores and working. throw in my roping and that is about all I have been doing. Then today something happened that I think you all will be interested in. However, this post isn’t for kids or weak stomached people. I have to admit I wasn’t ready for it either. I mean Mom and I have dealt with a lot of things but somehow you are never ready to see something that you haven’t seen before.

So what am I babbling about?? Well, Meet Poor Boy.

Poor boy, as Mom has come to call him, is a 220lb baby boy that has an issue. He is super sweet and has let us do everything we need to do with very little fuss. It will break your heart to know what pain he is in and that we have to cause more the help the healing process.

Graphic Pictures begin NOW!!!


From what we can figure Poor Boy’s leg got tangled in a wire or fence of some sort and wasn’t found until after infection set in. The wound wraps all the way around his leg just above his left knee. The inside wound is not so bad but The wound on the outside of his leg however is infected and unsightly.

When Mom brought him home I spent time cleaning both wounds out and doctoring Poor Boy. Everything from antibiotics and tetanus shots were given and then I called the Vet and explained the issue. Doc had me change up some of the medication I am putting on his leg and we will be doctoring it twice a day.

Through out the day Mom goes out and gets him up and gets him Moving. As she does it encourages the wound to drain. It isn’t pretty but to us when it drains we think it looks great as it is promoting healing.

Another issue with Poor boy is that he can get his head and mouth to the wound. That means the first time I doctored the wound, once I got him up he licked all the medication off the wound that I had just put on.

Mom headed to town and picked him up the famous … CONE! It isn’t pretty but after we got him up from his second round of doctoring we liked the fact that he couldn’t lick off everything we just did. Poor boy was super angry with us.

Then tonight Mom decided that she was going to put him on a bottle. He was taken from his Mom today so even though he is a bit big for a bottle it will make it so much easier to doctor and handle him. Things like antibiotics can be put in his bottle for easy administering along with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. It will also keep him a bit tamer to us because he won’t see us just as someone who will make his leg hurt but he will also see us as food and help. And Doc says a bonus of bottle feeding him is that when he gets worked up for his bottle it will encourage drainage in the wound as well.

The last issue for Poor Boy is that I am open for ideas for a different name. We can’t keep calling him Poor Boy! Any Ideas??

Thankful to be alive

So things have gotten a bit hectic around here. It all started out innocent enough but some how last Wednesday life took a turn but it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been. And for that we are all thankful! As most of you already know last Wednesday I was involved in a not so pretty car wreck. Some of you have asked to see the pictures but honestly I don’t feel that posting those pics will do anyone any good …. So I am not going to post them. What I will do is tell you the story as I remember it and has been filled in by others. Then we will go from there.

So Wednesday evening before I headed to work I ran to town to the farmer’s market to get the debt card from Mom to get some gas for Dad who was in the hay field. Then I did as I always do and grabbed some water and Gatorade and headed to Kevin’s. I was in Dad’s little car because Mom had the truck at the market. I don’t remember all of the drive leading up to the crash. I do remember a town that I drive through that was about 5 miles from the site of the wreck. The next thing I knew I was sitting in the ditch.

I remember the other driver screaming and yelling at me, Mom on the other end of the phone and climbing from the car. At this point all I can do is tell our what was figured out by the Highway Patrol. Apparently I was very over heated and either fell asleep at the wheel or passed out. I crossed the center line and hit the other car.

After the accident I was groggy and when checked my eyes were reacting in a way that only happens when someone is drunk or has a head injury. I was given a breathalyzer test and passed. When the officer asked me if I had, had anything to drink that day I proceeded to tell him how I took my water jug to the hayfield, drank Gatorade a few times and how the only thing other then that was Mt. Dew with my lunch … The officer then informed me that he was asking about alcoholic beverages. I just looked at him and told him “but I don’t drink”. Hence the breathalyzer.

With my slow reactions to questions, my eye reactions and passing the breathalyzer it was thought that I had a serious head injury. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where they did a full blood panel to make sure I wasn’t on anything else … Like drugs… and they tried to get a urinalysis but it two really big glasses of ice water and two bags of IV fluids for me to be able to pee. By the time I got my Cat Scan I had been blessed with the miracle of a all test coming back clear and I was released from the hospital after being given something for my rather large headache.

The next morning the real pain began. No, I didn’t have a mark on me and I wasn’t even sore. However, Mom spent the whole morning dealing with the billing department of the hospital, the insurance adjuster and contract health. As Mom worked her magic and got it all figured out she did learn one thing. She is over insured on both vehicles to the point of having Gap coverage. Gap coverage is to cover the difference of what you car is worth as apposed to what you owe the bank. Sad thing is that Mom doesn’t owe the bank anything for either the car or the truck and hasn’t for over 13 years … LOL … Yup she is way over insured.

By Monday our car was settled and the medical bills were being dealt with and the other car was being repaired but Mom was really feeling like she was getting behind … On the Wednesday of the wreck, we were in the hayfield. Thursday we had to pick up feed and I had cavalcade. I can’t even remember what all went on Friday but I know we hauled in hay. Saturday we had reading program and loaded out two hay customers. Sunday I was up in the short go again at Cavalcade. Monday Mom was in Tulsa to settle the car. Tuesday Caballo had to go to the vet to have a knot of proud flesh removed. Then this Wednesday Mom found the new car and went to purchase it. Thursday the farrier was here … And so on and on it goes. And Mom did it all while searching for a new work car after dropping me off at work each day and keeping the farm open and on track.

I know I have said it before but the older I get the more I learn just how strong and busy Mom is. And sometimes I type that she does what she does while “running the farm”. However, those words mean that she does sooooo much more. You see running the farm daily during all of this has meant we had 9 calves to doctor, 3 of which were receiving bottle three times a day. Filling water troughs 3 times a day. Caballo is being doctored daily. Not to mention the milking being done along with an hour of chores each morning and night. She is also pumping the old well out onto the pasture to fight the drought. Plus anything else that had to be handled … like the new to us horse stock.

To top all that off Mom is also getting ready to take our two interns on a trip to Branson where they have plans to visit a few work related places and a few fun places as well as hanging out at the pool. For Mom it will be a vacation and I am telling you she has earned it. Dad and I will be staying home to take care of the farm. I am kind of glad she is taking a bit of time off as there are days I get lazy and don’t do much but she seems to keep going and feels guilty if she even takes a nap during the day … LOL

And here we go again

So today started normal enough. I had chores to do and then I would be off to work. I am thankful though that today as the last day of treating the bottle calves we have. As normal it took about an hour to get the calves done. Then I headed out to earn my paycheck.

So after work I came home to find this …

So what does that mean?? Well, it is haying season again. So for the next few days I will be checking B’Day, Roping, Doing my Job and hauling hay. And that doesn’t even include my daily chores. For now this picture of Snapdragon’s Baby, Wattle, will have to take care of a cuteness fix for now.