Whoa there Big Momma

So we got home yesterday and started breeding season back up but things went from normal to whoa in a hurry when Mom noticed Big Momma off by herself. We had just taken Knight and Rammie to the Red Shed Pen and was going back for the billy when Mom saw her hanging out under the shed while all the others on the pasture were out grazing. When we checked her out we found that she had Fly Strike.

So how did this happen? Well, we can thank the weather for this one. You see it is nice and warm during the day but at night it is cold and add in the dampness of a heavy morning dew and the rain we have been getting and well, you have the perfect climate for Fly Strike. What that means is that a fly was trying to get warm and found it’s way down into Big Momma’s fleece where it laid a nest of eggs. The wet weather and her body heat kept the eggs warm and steamy causing them to hatch. When the larva hatched they then proceeded to eat everything in site. Everything being Big Momma’s flesh.

Yesterday we looked her over and thought there was only found one spot on her back. So that spot was sheared and cleaned up. Then this morning she should have been doing better but she wasn’t. So we Went to work on her again. Checking every inch of her for any sign of anything. What we found was more fly strike. She was sheared entirely today and we found this.





Once we got her sheared completely we could plainly see the drip marks from where she had been standing under a drip off of something like a barn or shed. This created a band of Fly Strike around her belly.


After shearing her, we Screw Worm sprayed the entire band. We are still keeping her on the watch list for the next few days.



After we got her sheared and cleaned up Big Momma ate a little hay and drank a bit of water on her own. That is a good thing.



The day after …

So it has been a long weekend that started Thursday but it was a good one. It was super busy and yet really fun! I will start at the beginning so that you can follow along…

Thursday was our day to travel to Dallas. We pick up our extra driver on the way and then stopped for some planned shopping around the Dallas area. First stop was at Paul Taylor’s Tack and Supply. I got some everyday things that I needed and I got one fancy headstall as a birthday present to myself. I had a blast and got everything but one strap and a pad that I needed but I didn’t even remember the strap until after we got home from the entire weekend … LOL




Our next stop was at Smith Brother’s. We were to early for the large tent sale so I just did a bit of rope shopping. I did look for the pad there too but never found one that was the perfect fit for Coop. While we were at Smith Brother’s we saw the little long horn that tried to load up in the trailer the last time we were there. It isn’t very little any more but it is still cute … LOL



Thursday Night we did check out the fair after checking in …



Friday we were up and at it early with my competition starting at 9am. I didn’t do great but I did just fine in the Calf Roping event as I brought home the title of Champion in that event.



It was kind of cool because The other girl from Oklahoma that won a buckle in the past had her’s on and so did I …


After that competition we all loaded up and headed to the next Roping. We drove about 3 hours north back into Oklahoma where I was entered up in a big roping. I did okay and won my age bracket but didn’t get any further in the competition.

From there we headed north and a bit closer to home where I took part in my Buckle series roping. Again I did good but not Great. I won the second round but broke out on my first calf so there was no average money in it for me. My Driver was picked up by her parents at this roping.

At this point in the game my weekend changed from it’s plans. My saddle roping was postponed due to rain so Mom called and arranged to pick up her new Ram. He is a Gotland. And he had great fleece if you ask her. Okay and me too but don’t tell her that. After that we headed home. I put the horse up and got the ram settled into the barn for the night.


This morning Mom had a few things she wanted to get done. First up was get breeding back underway and get her ram into the man pen so he could get to know the two friendly merinos before the other two mean rams were introduced two months from now. The only catch is she wants him halter broke so we worked with him today that way when we moved him.




While we were in the barn working with Ralphie as Mom is calling him we found this …


After we got the new chicks put up I worked to get the solar panels up on the barn.


About half way through putting up the panels we had to stop and go fix fence … Burl the Shetland Ram was being a fool and tried to get at the other rams that were not being used. He tore up the fence pretty good but Dad and I fixed it up and then got the solar panels done before heading to get in a bit of Roping.


Getting things going

So for the last few days I have done nothing that hasn’t been with one goal in mind. That goal is my Dallas trip. I practice for Dallas. I pack for Dallas. I did the running with Mom for Dallas. With this being my last time for this competition I am living for Dallas and a few extra stops on the way.

Dad serviced the truck with an oil change and two coil pack replacements along with topping off all the fluids and replacing the headlight we busted out last year when we hit a deer. Mom got the tag that was suppose to be gotten the end of September and I cleaned the truck inside and out. I even washed the windows and cleaned out the bed of the camper.

Mom has been hard at work cooking for Dad so he won’t starve while we are gone as well as doing laundry and packing. I even went and got my hair cut! Yup I am ready! Not really. There is so much more planning for this trip then there ever has been before. Why, you ask??? Good Question.

Well, this year not only do I have the Dallas 4X4 Chute out on Friday but then on Saturday I have a large breakaway roping in Checotah Oklahoma at 9am, a Buckles series at Sapulpa at 2pm and then finals at Nowata at 7pm where I am within points of winning a saddle! So yes, planning and timing are going to be everything this weekend.

So here is the plan. I got an extra driver to help Mom out and she will be coming with us to Dallas. We will leave tomorrow (Thursday) and make two stops on the way down to Dallas. One at Smith Brothers that is kind of a tradition now and the second will be to Paul Taylor’s Tack shop. Both are placed we pick up things we need through the year tack wise and both places are very affordable. Not to mention you save shipping and handling and get in on some sales.

We will get to Dallas about 4pm on Thursday. I take part in the competition on Friday. That is all normal enough. However, after I get done things change. We will pull out that night and Mom will get us as far as she can headed to Checotah before she gets tired. We don’t know what time we will get done Friday so we are winging it. Our back up driver will kick in when Mom gets tired and drive from where Mom pooped out to Checotah. This will happen somewhere along HWY 75 I think. We have a place for the horse and a hotel lined up so if it isn’t 3am or something we will be able to settle the horse and get some sleep ourselves.

If it is late we will sleep in the truck until show time. After the roping that starts at 9am, (if it gets done in time) I will move on to a roping in Sapulpa Oklahoma. If I don’t get done in time we will only stop there to drop off our extra driver. Either way we will be back on our own after that and I will move on to the Finals at Nowata.

We plan on pulling in there by 8pm but really hope it is more like 7pm. From there Mom will return home in the car and Dad and I will finish out the Finals (they are only 10 minutes from the house) and then come home. So is it all worth it?? I say yes. I have a lot on the line this weekend. I just wish they hadn’t put them all on the same day.

Dallas is the 4-H Finals and a saddle, 5 thousand dollars added money and a ton of tack and prizes are up for grabs. (It is also my last year to attend) Checotah is a 25 thousand dollar break away roping that is being put on by our neighbor’s son. It is an eight round roping that will pay big if a guy can hold their own and stay in the top half of the bunch. Sapulpa is a buckles series that I have been attending for months now and I think I am doing well in, but if I have to miss one this weekend it will have to be this one. (I won’t be happy about it but I will have to do what I have to do) As for the last rodeo in Nowata it is the Finals for my saddle series. I am within just points of winning the saddle and I can’t slack off now or the other guy could come in and win it out from under me. I am sure most of you know Saddles aren’t cheap so that is a lot on the line at that one as well. As of last month, the 2017 Rodeo year has already started and most of these rodeos are coming to an end so if I have done any good at all in a series I need to hang in there. As you can tell this really is my big end of the year paycheck. For me and my Rodeo, this time of year can only compare to Black Friday in retail …. LOL!

I will try to post some as we go as our hotel in Dallas does have WIFI but we plan on letting our extra driver take in the fair our one night there. After that we just don’t know … It will all be in the timing.

WWOOFer ain’t Dogs!!

So it has been a bit busy around here the last few days. First, we had our first Wwoofer. No that isn’t a Dog. WWOOF Stands for World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers and WWoofers are those people that Volunteer through that organization. Meghan was here for two days. The first day was laid back and things went well. Her Second day was another story. LOL

This is Meghan and a great sport. She knew she was our first WWoofer and didn’t seem to mind working out the kinks in our plan.


The first day was quiet and Meghan even got to learn to milk a goat.


Meghan’s Evening here we learned about her travels and that she collects feathers. She had some from all over the word. The red and yellows from South America (I think that is where she said they were from) were the coolest looking ones. For the record Mom added turkey and duck feathers to her collection … LOL


Her Second day here Mom was a bit more organized and had a list of things to get done and Meghan jumped right in.


However, the day didn’t go as planned with the horse trainer here and they guy that bought Dad’s old car all coming at the same time … and setting Mom behind on her booth for the Dalton Defender days. Kevin worked with Storm and said she was good to go. And he rode Precious and said that I was actually doing well with her but he gave me some things and ways to work with her a bit differently to help her. And he told me I need to relax … LOL

After we got everything done we headed to Coffeyville to set up the booth. Meghan left us after helping us set up as she was headed to Kansas City for a Down Syndrome walk for a friend of her’s little girl. We made sure she had a bottle of water, a Rope cross to keep her safe and a small aloe plant with a rose rock to mark her trip here. After that Mom and I hung out at the booth and did manage to get one sale.

Saturday Dad and I went and helped set Mom up again before I left for my Rodeo.


I did okay but I got beat. My time just wasn’t good enough to bring home a paycheck. Mom took pitty on me and had pizza waiting for dinner when Dad and I got home. Today I am headed out to another roping where I hope to get a little something done.

It’s the little things

Yesterday Mom had me doing a bit of everything. I started out getting some more goats sheared. I will say that by the end of September, just as planned, we will be done with shearing. No, I don’t shear as close as professionals but I get the job done!!

Anyway, Mom and I did get a ton of little things done around the house. The yard got mowed. We did Laundry and I even helped Mom try out a new bread recipe. The thing that took the most time was pulling the fans and A/C units for the winter.

We have been waking up to Temperatures in the Mid Forties for the last few mornings so Mom decided it was time to get the A/C units out of the windows so the house doesn’t get so cold at night. And with all things you know that isn’t as easy as it sounds around here.

Mom likes to make sure to hose them all out and clean the filters and wipe them down and … You get the picture. When we put them up for the winter they are put up clean. Mom even takes the box fans apart and cleans the blades and everything … Yup, she Really wants them clean!!

The other thing that went on around here is the Kid is learning to be an outside dog. He spent his first night out and man were the Coyotes on the move. For now Kid is just in the yard at night but when he learns his job he will go out with Hank and Jethro. For now he is doing great … And he is learning to get some sleep during the morning hours … We will see if he gets much more during the day today!!

Shearing and Catching up

So I spent the weekend Roping. I started Saturday at a large pasture roping where I didn’t get much done. It was a three head and I roped my first two nothing great but was sitting the middle of the pack of about 60 ropers. On my last one I missed knocking me out of the Average.

From that roping I headed to another one on the way home. I roped in two ropings there. In the first one I won second in the average but no round money. In the second I was feeling that Kick from Caballo and at times could barely catch my air and I didn’t get much done. I I even broke the barrier on my second calf of that one.

Sunday was a bird of a different color. Mom had plans to get the list of little things done around here but Nature wasn’t on our side. So Dad and I got the Garage Sale screen door hung … That Mom loves I might add. The thing that had us up in arms was that the 5 baby chicks and their Mom got locked out of the new barn and somehow got scattered and the Momma disappeared. By Noon we had gathered up Four of the Five babies and figured out our issue … A Predator had come to the farm … Coyotes to be exact. One was bold enough to come back during the day light hours so Dad and I went hunting … We didn’t get a clear shot but if he returns we will be ready.

Jethro and Hank work the night shift and I am sure that is why in the rain they were sleeping it off. But the Coyotes have figured out that the dogs have to sleep sometime. And they are trying to come back at those times. I will say that Dad and I have agreed to step up our game and help keep the place safe in the daytime so that the dogs get a well deserved break. By Nightfall we had found all the baby Chicks and they were safe and sound in the bathroom. After getting all dried out and fed and watered Morning found them all doing just fine. When we returned them to the barn about 3 other hens came to stay with the Chicks and started taking on the Mother role. After the Hens fussed it out one hen in now acting Mom and the 5 chicks are safe.

Yesterday I spent my time getting feed, Health Papers and Medications. Yup it was a Vet day. And I am proud to say that I have everything lined out for my Dallas Trip except the finances. I have the room covered and I think enough for the gas but we will see how it all goes. I had hoped to have a bit more won by now but as Mom says it is what it is …

And to let everyone know I think I only have like two days of shearing left to do …. YYEEAAHHHHH!!

Shearing and Roping

Well, my morning hours have been spent shearing instead of blogging. I have been getting up a bit later these days. When I was in School I got up at 5am, did schoolwork then headed to the barn. Then Mid day was more school work followed by some free time and then more evening school work and then back to the barn.

Since I graduated I have been sleeping that time that I would have been doing my school work. Now when I get up I head straight to the barns and don’t get done until after about 3pm. Each day I work Caballo to let us pick up his feet, Derf to stay gentle, Precious to get her over being mounted, Storm to get her taking her left lead and Ice and Coop to keep mine and their roping sharp. I think after I get done with shearing I will be more back on time but for now I will just be getting things done as I can.

So each morning I start by shearing a few head of sheep. By Monday I will be done with the sheep and will move on to the goats and they should only take a few days. That means I should have the shearing done on time by the end of September.

Most of my afternoons are full of roping and my evenings I spend either going to friend’s houses to rope or like last night I roped as a card carrying member of the ACRA and I won second. Mom took me and she hung out with one of her fiber friends and they seemed to have a lot of laughs telling stories about sheep and “not having a real job” … Yes, that one is a joke between them. I will admit I did stop by and hang out with them for a moment or two but …. They were people watching and I couldn’t contain myself so I headed back to the arena. One little boy was caught poking a raw fleece cause he didn’t know if it was something dead or not and his little sister made a run for it when they couldn’t figure it out. Another girl came walking by and her shorts were up very inappropriate and I thought Mom was going to lose it. People the word is RESPECT! If you don’t respect yourself enough to dress appropriately PLEASE, PLEASE Respect others enough to dress appropriately. You can show it by dressing so that the whole world isn’t seeing to much!

Anyway, for the most part we all had fun. Other then things like that my week has just been full of the little things. We had a nice lady that takes Dialysis three times a week come out and enjoy the farm and the peace and quiet. She was cool and saw the farm for all the wonder it has to offer. Oh and we had a little visitor I relocated … I have no idea if it was a boy or a girl.


At one point I even helped Mom make felted Soaps. I like them …

The final thing we have going on is that we are one of many businesses entered in The BRASSYs 2016. We ask that if you have faith in us and would like to help Please take time to cast your vote for us … You can vote once every 24 hours. Follow the link below and check it out.


If you do vote each day 25% of our score is our Votes so you can rest assured you do make a difference and with $10,000 on the line that could really help this farm We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.