A whole lot of cold

So today it was cold again.  That means I wanted to stay in bed just a bit longer then normal.  Yes, it made me late getting around.  However when I did finally get things done Mom and I found time to finally get the Christmas Cards Mailed off.  Other then that Mom just had me cleaning up the kitchen a bit.  She has been being crafty lately and the bar had her craft stuff everywhere.

Tomorrow we are heading to town to get everything for cookie day as that is this weekend.  Mom has also decided that she is going to make a gingerbread house so we will see how that turns out.  After lunch I headed out to work my Contract horse while Mom headed to town for meetings.  She will be teaching a few classes in the county through OHCE so that is what the meetings were about.

After her meetings she brought home burgers for dinner.  I took the time to get out the heater for Mom and Dad’s room before I ate and watched a bit of television.  As for now I am going to finish listening to the NFR and then head off to bed.

Oh, I did move Cinnamon into the barn today.  She isn’t getting her fair share of feed because she is so little and with the colder weather I think it makes her a bit weak.  In the barn she will eat good meals and I hope put on a bit more weight.  She will go out when it is warm during the day but I guess the barn is better then in the past when she was staying in the kitchen all the time … LOL.


So today they said it was going to be cold. Well, it was and still is. They also said it was going to snow. Well, it did this flurry every hour kind of thing but I still don’t want the snow. I know winter has to come but on the farm it is never really a good thing. That being said, It is with a really heavy heart I have to report that Mom’s Old Girl Curly has met Jesus for Christmas this year. The last two days she didn’t seem herself. I don’t know how to explain it. She still ate her cookies, dinner and drank plenty of water but she hadn’t really gotten up and around in awhile and with the cold I didn’t take her outside. Then tonight I think she just gave up.

Yes, she was old and yes, I understand the circle of life. However, that doesn’t make it easy to take. Curly was a Momma’s girl. And to tell the truth I think it hurts more to see the tears in Mom’s eyes knowing her heart is broken then it does to know Curly has moved on. She had this weird under bite that made her so memorable and we loved her. But she hadn’t been doing great in sometime and I know she is in a better Place … RIP Curly. We will Miss you!!!


Colder Weather is setting in

Okay so to get the poll out of the way, as you can see Prince and Princess will be the 2017 naming convention for the kids and lambs. Am I happy about it?? Well, I really didn’t have a favorite this year. Nothing really struck me as had to have names like in the other years. I did think that famous horses should have been an option but I will hold that idea for next year.

Now on to more pressing things … Like Mom has gone Christmas Crazy. She is on this kick that she will be doing one thing Christmas each day until Christmas. She says this is her new tradition and even working out next years ideas on her calendar. That meant that she made me help her write the Christmas letter the other day. Yup, that is just what I wanted to do … LOL Anyway, today she is making Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments. And guess what … You can’t even eat them. What good are cookies you can’t eat????? AAUUUGGGHHHHH!

Yesterday Dad and I spent time bringing in some more firewood and then I went about riding and roping. Dad on the other hand now is getting concerned Winter is coming. LOL … Mom started winterizing a few weeks ago and Dad had just now fixed the electric plug in for the water heater for the horses … Talk about polar opposites!!!

As for today the Cold weather arrived but most of it is cold wind. The snow they said was coming has yet to show up and I think they now ever took it out of the forecast. Fine By me. I rode the horses and Mom has me carding up batts for her to spin for our next fiber festival while I enjoy the warmth of the house. I am also taking time to plan my next adventure …. Come Jan 1st I hope I will have added to my experiences enough to entertain you once again.

Not so great to okay

Yesterday I started out okay. The owner of the contract horse came by and checked out his progress. They seemed happy and I have another 30 days to go. I then headed to a team roping and man I went down hill there. I have no idea why but I couldn’t get anything to work or feel right the whole roping. As you can guess I didn’t do any good.

Today however, was a bit different. I rode the contract horse and then headed to a small rodeo. I won third and first in the team roping and I won the jackpot roping afterwards. Dad and I picked up dinner on the way home as Mom was dealing with Pumpkin all day. We also picked up Dog food and Cat food while we were out. After I got home I did chores and am now getting ready for bed.

I do want to let you know that Rascal is fighting a kitty cold. He is now on an antibiotic and we hope he will get this thing kicked in no time. Also tonight is the last night to Vote on the Naming Convention for 2017 so make sure your voice is heard!!


So today I did chores and then kept a promise to Mom. It was one of those promises that I really didn’t want to keep but it made Mom super happy so it was worth kind of worth it. So what was this Promise??? Well, I promised I would go with her to the Christkindlmarkt in Tulsa. Honestly, It was different but okay. I got Mom her Christmas present as well as meeting some super nice people to boot.



Mom did make a video for the pod cast while we were there and I got a gift too so make sure you watch tomorrow to get the full story. When we got home I worked my Contract horse and then headed to a friend’s house and spent the rest of the day roping.

At this point the Prince and Princesses names are winning so don’t forget to vote and get your say in …

Guests and Scrapping

Yesterday evening our special guests finally arrived. The famous Youtube Sensations Dirtpatcheaven were here for the night … LOL Okay, so I have to tell you they were so down to earth and just as you see on their channel. When they got here we gave them a tour of the farm. The girls had fun with B’Day and tried to get a ride but B’Day was in one of her moods and was having none of it. After that we moved on with Storm and she was giving rides and letting the kids drag her around while I did a bit of roping.

They got to open Christmas gifts, decorate both the inside and outside trees and they painted their new drop spindles we got them from Christmas. After that we all settled around the big pot of chili Mom made and chatted the night away.

Then this morning the girls helped me do chores before we had breakfast together. Once everyone had eaten I headed out to show a man that was scrapping out metal where our scrap pile was and Mom and our guests headed to the Gun Museum in Claremore. Our guests didn’t have a whole lot of time but Mom wanted to make the best of it for them. She took two pictures of the girls at the museum that she said I could share.





Mom says she thinks Kiai and Paige both had a good time. She wasn’t really sure if Jon and Julianne did but she thinks they just took it all in stride.

While Mom was gone I put up the two strands of Christmas lights across the house. With the two trees decorated it was only fair to finish the decorations. The rest of the day I spent in the roping pen. Tomorrow I am hoping to get to go to a friend’s house to rope but I had told Mom I would go to the German Christmas Market this weekend. So I think I am going to try and get her to go in the Morning after chores. Then she gets her Market and I get my roping!!

Don’t forget to vote in the naming Poll ….

And if you have time don’t forget the etsy shop. Mom has some cute Christmas Gifts posted there. CLICK HERE

Visitors and Lambing season

So today Mom and I started our day getting ready for lambing season. We wormed all the sheep and goats. We were down a man as Dad was at work so there were a few times when Mom and I kind of lost it with fits of giggles as we got run over. At one point Mom had a hold of one of the sheep and it turned and took off and Mom didn’t let go. Then I told her I could have helped if she would have quit putting her butt to me … Mom was laughing so hard because she never had her feet under her … the sheep was dragging her … LOL


Another time I tried to get two at once and boy let me tell you these QT Crosses are getting stout because the two of them dragged me across the pen. Neither Mom nor I could stop laughing at that one. I will tell you that without Dad here there is a lot more giggling, laughing and silliness going on when we work the Herd/flock. When we got done I fed them some more pumpkins and they were all happy.


Another time I tried to get two at once and boy let me tell you these QT Crosses are getting stout because the two of them dragged me across the pen. Neither Mom nor I could stop laughing at that one. I will tell you that without Dad here there is a lot more giggling, laughing and silliness going on when we work the Herd/flock. When we got done I fed them some more pumpkins and they were all happy.

Mom did take some time to Modify a calf jacket for Big Momma. She will be good to go for the winter now.



After that I cleaned up a bit on my room while we wait for Dirtpatcheaven to get here. Mom says if anyone is interested in meeting them let us know and we can make sure they are here when you get here…. LOL And there was one other thing that I looked up while I waited. With Mom’s new breeding plan of two breeding pens running twice, we now could have babies as early as Mid January. That is only if anything got pregnant the first day they were together. The end of the season will be the end of April. And that is if they were gotten on the very last day together. If I was calculating though I would say the early part to mid February will be the first we see of Babies.

Anyway, for now I am heading out to rope … our Visitors will be here soon enough!!