Another Girl

So yesterday I spoke to soon. I did a short note here on the blog before heading off to bed early. I made the post saying the second wave of lambing is about to begin. I based that on the fact that I really didn’t think Gurtie was bred. That would mean that the first wave had ended. Well, That turned out to be a false truth. I didn’t lie on purpose but more like Gurtie made a liar out of me.

I started my day with chores and then I found reasons and things to do inside as a cold front has moved in and my head was hurting. For the next two days or so it is suppose to be a bit cooler with the lows being right at freezing. So Mom and I made a fire, put on some Chili and while she worked online I watched a movie.

It was about lunch time and Mom had put on some hotdogs for me. She also normally drinks coffee as she works so on a short trip to the coffee maker for a refill and to check my lunch, she stopped at the door to look over the sheep. I know she loves having them outside the back door and she checks them every chance she gets. Anyway, all of the sudden I hear “RJ Outside Now” and Mom bolts from the house out the back door. I got to the back door to see Mom sprint (as well as an old woman can) across the pasture and head for Gurtie. As I got out the Door She yelled for me to get the big barn door open.

It wasn’t until I opened the door and saw Mom holding a large lamb low while making her way to the door that I figured out what was going on. Gurt wasn’t far behind her and Mom was moving at that quick but slow come with me hurried pace we use to get things into the barn. We got her inside and got the baby under a lamp. It was cold and windy today so Gurt struggled to get the baby cleaned off. The wind was blowing causing the fetal membrane to dry fast. Gurtie just couldn’t get the baby cleaned very well outside. She got the face and enough cleaned off that the baby will be just fine now that it is inside.

This new little girl didn’t get a name until we reposted her photo. I am really worried because if people have run out of names already we are in trouble. The second wave is going to be bigger then the first …. Remember we are using Gemstone names this year. We just can’t have lambs named no name 1, no name 2 and so forth …

Thankfully the new little girl was finally named Topaz ….


Second wave is coming

Just a short note to let everyone know that the second wave of lambing should begin any day now. The first day of this wave was actually Friday but I spent my weekend roping so Mom was left checking lambs. So far nothing … and the Shetlands have tails so it is harder to see their whohas so we are kind of in the dark about who will go first. And the QT crosses have to much fuzz so they will go when they go and the clean up ewes won’t lamb for about 3 weeks after we get the second wave going.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for Facebook posts as we will be needing more Gemstone names soon ….

Crazy Days

While I was a bit busy today, yesterday was awesome. We took amethyst and did a school program for the entire Pre-K, Kindergarden and 1st grade. And we the topic was that everyone had Agriculture in their lives. Then today I had to work, pick up a truck and take a horse to the vet.

We got up early and headed out to be ready for our first group at 8 AM. They were the littlest of the bunch. Keeping their attention was kind of hard but Mom did okay. And by the end of the presentation they all knew that just about everything linked to the farmer and that the farmer’s work was Agriculture. They got to see her spin wool, they got to touch and smell lots of things and then they got to pet Amethyst. To top that off, Each Teacher received a teacher’s pack complete with seeds, a couple of lessons to use with the seeds and some recipes to use with what they grow from their seeds. When we were done it was time for the next group and we rolled through three grades all before lunch.

And all this fun and learning would not have taken place without Mary. So who is Mary you ask? Well, let me tell you, Mary is an amazing lady that thinks all kids should know how agriculture effects their lives. Not just where their food comes from but also how agriculture is woven into our daily lives. She worked behind the scenes not only to get the school a sponsor for this program but she chatted with teachers as she handed out teacher packs and Made copies of fliers we ran short of and even got hot water for Amethysts bottle.

So if you see this logo anywhere, Please let them know you support them supporting programs that bring Agriculture to our school aged kids.

And you know what is funny the Teachers had just as much fun as the kids. We even convinced Mary to give Amethyst a little loving …

After we got done we headed home. On the way the truck seemed to act up but we made it with no real issues. Mom and I got things done around the farm and everyone headed off to bed early. This Morning I hit the ground running. I was suppose to get feed, sort cattle for my Uncle, Pick up a truck, take Whiskey to the Chiropractor and Get home in time to head to a roping.

Well, there was an issue so the feed wasn’t guaranteed to be ready and I had to be to my Uncles by 9:30 AM. So I skipped feed and went to help my Uncle. When I got done I headed to City Hall to take care of the Truck. I got home im time to pick up Mom and head to the Chiropractor. Mom thought she had an appointment today but they never called and she is now doubting herself so I gave her something else to think about. Whiskey. I had to meet the Chiropractor and once I got them he checked her out and found that her Left side was all out of alignment. He got her back in shape and Mom and I headed home.

At this point the Truck seemed to be over heating. I was doubting if my work on the truck was the issue. However, we got home called the mechanic again and he said it was the thermostat. My First thought was here we go again. But first I wanted to get the other truck taken care of…

You see the Volunteer Fire Department in Town had an older truck with just over 100,000 Miles on it and they put it up for silent bids. And about 2 weeks ago I put in a bid. Well, I got the truck. It is said to run good and I drove it home. The only issue at this point is that it doesn’t have a bed on the back or rear lights and one of the gas tanks was removed. I got the bed and the gas tank with the truck but now all I have to do is put it all back together.

Once I got that truck home I turned my attention to Mom’s truck. And today I learned to change a Thermostat on it … As for now I am headed to a roping. And I will let you know if my work on the truck is good enough ….

Today is the Day

So today it is just going to be a short post. One to let everyone know that we have worked hard to address every contact, email, suggestion and concern about Katie taking on the care of the sheep.

I have to admit, You guys didn’t take this contest lightly. Most people put a lot of thought into their input. We had some good questions and some great input from everyone. We made more phone calls and asked more questions ourselves just to make sure we knew in our hearts what was what.

We don’t take the care of these little ones very lightly. We aren’t giving them away because we don’t want them … just the opposite. We are giving them away to help someone that is like I once was, get started with their own adventure.

After all the contacts and questions and soul searching, We truly feel that Katie understands her responsibilities and that she has a very good support system in place to help her handle whatever comes her way.

She has family that allow her to do chores to cover costs of things and she has others that will help her out should she come up short. We feel she has a pure and true heart with her contest entry and that she will take this life changing challenge seriously.

So, all that being said we are declaring Katie the winner of the Sheep.

Mom’s Gone Bananas

So today started out normal. Then it turned into some craziness with a dash of silly on the side.

This morning it was cold but we did chores and I rode Streak first. Due to the weather He hasn’t been ridden daily like he should have. He also isn’t one you can let go for a day or he acts up. So I started with him. Mom headed to town for an appointment.

When she got home she did her chores inside. I moved on to roping on Ice while I let Derf out to play on the pasture for a bit. I ran a few pens before working on my flanking and tying. At some point during all that Mom called from the house saying she was going to go grocery shopping. I was happy as she hadn’t been in like three weeks and it was getting to be slim picken’s around the house.

So I finished up roping before turning to some fence repairs and smaller chores that had to be done. I started with Derf’s turn out. He has taken to rubbing on the fence by the arena and he has all but tore it down. So I fixed on it while he was out playing in the pasture.

When I got done with that Dad and I went to dump the burn barrel. We don’t have trash service and there isn’t a landfill in our county so we have to take care of our own trash needs. We watch what we throw away, burn what we can and scrap out all the metal as well as recycle things. Anyway, When I went to dump the burn barrel I found that there was trash on the Right away.

It wasn’t our trash but was probably bounced off a trailer that was going down the road. I stopped to remove it and found that it was a plastic stand of some kind. So I took it home to Mom and she has plans for it. When I went in to show Mom what I have found I was surprised to see Bananas everywhere.


So she explained that while she was at the store they had bananas on sale because they were getting over ripe. So Mom got 21 pounds of bananas for 6 bucks. I asked her what she planned to do with them all and she said “I will feed them to the Pig!” She then handed me a box of Peeps. Yeah, like that was going to keep me happy when the Pig got more then I did.

As I came and went Mom asked me to get out her dehydrator. I ask why and found out that a lot of those over ripe bananas were still good. And she was making not only puree to freeze for making muffins and breads but she was making banana chips!



After Mom saved all that was good, she made the pig some puree too. She froze some in a flat pan and she will cut it up or break it up which ever works.


Then she got just plain silly. She ran out of things to put the pigs banana puree in so she has them freezing in Lollipop molds. Yup she is making Buttercup Banana lollipops. She has lost it. I tell you … Gone plum Bananas!


Big Momma had a girl

So last night I went to a calf roping. I got in late and all was well. This morning I woke up to a new lamb. Today I helped Mom get video for her Interview for Tinkergarten. If all goes well she is hoping to get her background check and training with no problems. After that I am headed to a team roping.

So Last night I went to a Calf Roping at NEO. It was 2 and a short. I have to say I am happy with how I roped and how the horse worked. I placed in both rounds but in the short round I broke the barrier. That is okay though. I Brought home a paycheck and that was what I was wanting to do.

It was a long night though as we didn’t get done roping until around 1:30am and it is an hour away from the house. So by the time I got home and got my horse put up and then headed to bed it was around 3am I checked the sheep as I came back across the pasture from putting my horse up. Everything looked great some sheep were sleeping and others were out grazing a bit.

I hit the hay and didn’t hear anything until Mom came in and told me my phone was ringing off the hook. As I got up and around and wondered out to do chores I found that we had a new little one. There were only two large breed sheep left to lamb and they are in separate pastures so there really wasn’t much guessing as to who’s it was.

I got Big Momma and her baby in the barn before finishing up chores. I spent some time making sure the baby sucked and taking a few pictures. After that I was all Mom’s. I promised her my help and that meant I had to be the camera man for her video interview for her Tinkergarten application.

We spent just over an hour trying to “catch the wind” while making flags and trying to make them dance. The only change Mom made to their plan was that Due to food allergies we didn’t do snacks. Instead Mom brought a friend to meet everyone. You guessed it Amethyst stole the show. She was held and loved on after the activity was done.

Now that I am home I have just enough time to get the car unpacked and the trailer hooked up to the truck and loaded. Not to mention introduce you to “JET” … She is Big Momma’s new Baby girl.


And I even learned something about Jet today too Thanks to Justine Arrasate Lloyd. She is the one that suggested Jet. And she included this definition of Jet.

Jet is a type of lignite, a precursor to coal, and is a gemstone. Jet is not a mineral, but rather a mineraloid. It has an organic origin, being derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure

So not only is Jet different she has also made us all a bit smarter. Anyway, I am off here and scheduling this so that I can sneak away and hopefully bring home a paycheck from the team roping tonight.