Getting Ready

Today Mom and I spent the day getting things ready. Ready for what you ask?? Well, first Danny called and Shearing will take place tomorrow morning. So that mean I had to set up the holding pens and get everything set up so we can pen in the morning at feeding time.

Mom spent her time Mowing. We have a Birthday party scheduled for Saturday and Mom didn’t want that just mowed look in the yard but we shear tomorrow and Thursday It is suppose to rain so that would only leave Friday and that would leave that just mowed look she didn’t want so …. She mowed today.

The last thing that we had to deal with is the washer… It seems it isn’t washing. Mom, Dad and I loaded it in the back of the truck and after Danny leaves tomorrow and we get things settled and back in order Mom is taking it to the repair man. It isn’t in warranty any more wouldn’t you know it we missed it by like 6 months.

Oh well, Look for me to post alot of naked photos tomorrow … Naked sheepie Photos that is

Rainy Day

Today I woke up to a nice slow rain. It was great except that I had planned some work outside. Instead Mom and I cleaned house and watched Scooby Doo. Dad got called into work so he wasn’t home. I know that isn’t much to report for this place but other then that we just went to cowboy church with my Dad’s Dad.

You see Mom make a video of the Service yesterday for Dad and he shared it with his Sister … From there some how it ended up being shown in Church. I think Mom wanted it to be kind of private because she told Justin that it was for the family and he informed her that the church was the family. Then when he showed it at the church he cut off the first part that explained what it was made for. Mom said she had made a memory for Dad.

Check it out and keep in mind the Church cut off the introduction and just started with the photos….

I forgot

I forgot something … The Phat Fiber Box … The winner is Aesox … Please contact me at and let me know where to mail it … If not claimed by Wednesday My head will explode!!!

Easter on the Farm

Well, Last year we ended lambing season with the last of the lambs being born on Easter. This Easter, We are not going to top that. To be honest it really didn’t feel like anything special. We did do something out of character for our family and that was go to My Uncle’s Cowboy Church Service in the Pasture. There was a meal afterwards and of course My Dad’s Dad came to be with all his family. He is one of two reasons we were there. He couldn’t attend his own church yet as he can’t deal with the empty Pew where Betty used to sit. I understand that but it was really hard on him. It isn’t that he didn’t try to go. It is that he got there and had to leave. All in all it turned out okay because we were all there for him. We had a good meal and got to talking and chatting so that was a plus.

The other reason we were there is that my Uncle wanted something dramatic for his service and that Drama came in the form of a Lamb. Makes sense for an Easter Service right … Well, Spritz was awesome in his Church Debut. We did have to tie up two dogs that didn’t care for him but it turned out okay. Mom wasn’t happy about the almost incident … She said that was to close to call. Check this little dude out … It was if he knew he was suppose to pose … it was one time, one take and he got it perfect …


Another Busy one

Today started out just as busy as ever. First, I got a call from our Shearer. Depending on the weather next week we might have naked sheep and goats. After that it was chores and breakfast followed by a day of getting things in order. We now have the outside of the house and farm ready for the Agritourism agent to come inspect. Of Course that was after Dad cleaned up the mess he made at the wood pile while Mom and I cleaned up the area we throw all the scrap building materials.

I even found the time to take all the sides off the pens we winterize. The Turkey pen, Chicken coop and East pen Sheds are now open letting the sun shine in for most of the day. We penned Skittles and Hersey, the only two sheep left to lamb in with the goats and put up the birthing jugs in the milking shed like they belong. This opened up the pasture shed so that all the sheep and goats can eat and fit under it without being crowded.

We also turned all the men out into the pasture. We put Reba and Carrie and their babies up only to discover that Reba has tape worms. We wormed that pen of sheep and will worm again in 10 days. After Shearing The two Dorset babies, Will and Chuck will be weined and they will be returned to the pasture.

Tonight we spent time roping and getting everything ready for the roping clinic tomorrow. Mom is in charge of lunch and it looks as though she has it covered. Tomorrow morning very early we will go get the calves and then be set up by 9am to get to work teaching and growing us some ropers …

For now I am heading to shower and bed … Tomorrow is going to be a long one.

Coming Back

Well, at this point I am trying to get back on track. The Services were yesterday and everything was really nice. There were stories from days gone by and time for everyone to reflect and just be together. The ache of the accident is subsiding but there are times I forget and still look for Pup to be by my side. I am sure in time that will go too.

As the week has progressed Mom has kept Dad and I busy getting the farm ready for the Agritourism inspection. Our goal is to not only be open by appointment, like we are now, but to be open to the public all the time. Okay, not ALL the time as we will not be taking overnight guests, but to be able to have people interested come anytime they want instead of on our schedule. We would have Public hours and be listed on the Oklahoma Agritourism map. We are hoping that we can start tours and have others out more often if we get this ball rolling as well.

Anyway, There are other things going on around here too. There is another webinar that I will attend on the 22nd and we have a Birthday party booked for the weekend after Easter. This coming Saturday is the 4-H Roping Clinic we have put on for the last three years too. As you can see I am keeping busy but my plan is to get back to doing what I do best and that is being Young Shepherd. Both here and on the farm. So Here is goes …

Would you believe that no one has claimed that Phat Fiber Box?? That is kind of funny since everyone tells me how hard they are to get and I can’t even GIVE on away. So I have decided to try again so tonight I wipe the slate clean. All you have to do to be entered is comment on this blog post before Easter Sunday at 6pm the Easter Bunny will bring one lucky winner a Phat Fiber Box of their own. If it isn’t claimed this time I am giving it to whom ever I see fit! And I will tell you now that if you don’t plan on checking the blog, Please don’t enter as that is the only place I announce it. After it is claimed then it is announced on other social media. So PLEASE if you enter check back to see if you won … Ready, Set … GO!!!

Pup’s Accident

Hello everyone, This is Mom. I have to say that today has been one of the hardest in my Son’s life. Shoot, it would be hard for an adult let alone a child. I know everyone here thinks of him as a young man. But in fact he is 16 and My baby boy. Sometimes, things happen that are hard for adults to understand and as an adult we stuggle to figure out how to answer all a child’s questions at a time like that. This is one of those times.

You see on top of Betty, My Mother in Law, Passing away today my Son went to the roping pen to rope. He likes to do that to clear his head and help sort things out. It gives him time when he can pretend that what ever is going on isn’t really happening. It is his chance to focus on something he knows and can control in an ever changing world that he has no control over. However, today that same roping pen proved he has no control there either. As he struggled with his demons of the day the unthinkable happened.

Pup for whatever reason took out after the calf RJ was trying to rope and was not only trampled by the calf but by the horse that RJ rode. It happened so fast and Pup was killed instantly. He didn’t suffer in anyway. He was only 5 months old so that makes it so very hard as RJ has been brought up that people are the caretakers of the animals of the world and we are here to protect and keep God’s creatures safe. Dad was also there in the roping pen and both Men say it is their fault. RJ because he couldn’t stop the horse before it trampled Pup and Lee because he was on the ground and couldn’t stop Pup when he bolted.

Pup didn’t suffer and was killed instantly but that is no comfort to anyone. In an already saddened time for us this is like a very painful slap in the face. Today we buried Pup and tomorrow we have services for Betty. I am hear to tell you the Straw Family Farm has been brought to it’s knees and are praying for God to reach down his hand and touch us in a positive and healing way.

I have used every cliche you can imagine to ease RJ’s and Lee’s pain. I have tried to tell them that when God takes something he is opening your hand for something better. RJ and Lee both don’t want anything better they want what they had … RJ his Dog and Lee his Mom. I have tried the “they are in a better place” speech and how they are no longer hurting … But RJ and Lee are hurting and can’t believe God would leave them with the pain they have in their hearts.

Well, I am all out of cliches folks and though my own tears I have to say that I have lived through alot in my life but today was the hardest I have ever known. Not because of what you might think though. I had pain for the loss of Betty and Pup But my biggest pain was for the Men in my life to have so much pain that I could not ease. As I stood in my kitchen tonight, I held both my son and my husband as they broke down and sobbed tears of pain in my arms. Honestly, I don’t know how much more we can take. Everyone is trying so hard to not cry in front of everyone else for fear it will upset them. Everyone is trying to be strong for the others but none of us are getting the job done.

Frankly, I don’t know that I am much help…. I am writing this after finishing my Mother In Laws Obituary … both things I am doing to show my guys that I can be strong for them. All the while doubting I can keep putting off dealing with my own feelings and trying not to fall apart myself. I know we will get through this. How I don’t know. I just know that we are a strong family and together things will get better. As for all of you … You are watching the breakdown of a family in crisis trying to put life back together and hopefully be stonger for it.

Please fasten your seat belts and keep all arms and legs inside the car … if you dare to stay with us as we take this very bumpy ride we call our lives.


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