Pup’s Accident

Hello everyone, This is Mom. I have to say that today has been one of the hardest in my Son’s life. Shoot, it would be hard for an adult let alone a child. I know everyone here thinks of him as a young man. But in fact he is 16 and My baby boy. Sometimes, things happen that are hard for adults to understand and as an adult we stuggle to figure out how to answer all a child’s questions at a time like that. This is one of those times.

You see on top of Betty, My Mother in Law, Passing away today my Son went to the roping pen to rope. He likes to do that to clear his head and help sort things out. It gives him time when he can pretend that what ever is going on isn’t really happening. It is his chance to focus on something he knows and can control in an ever changing world that he has no control over. However, today that same roping pen proved he has no control there either. As he struggled with his demons of the day the unthinkable happened.

Pup for whatever reason took out after the calf RJ was trying to rope and was not only trampled by the calf but by the horse that RJ rode. It happened so fast and Pup was killed instantly. He didn’t suffer in anyway. He was only 5 months old so that makes it so very hard as RJ has been brought up that people are the caretakers of the animals of the world and we are here to protect and keep God’s creatures safe. Dad was also there in the roping pen and both Men say it is their fault. RJ because he couldn’t stop the horse before it trampled Pup and Lee because he was on the ground and couldn’t stop Pup when he bolted.

Pup didn’t suffer and was killed instantly but that is no comfort to anyone. In an already saddened time for us this is like a very painful slap in the face. Today we buried Pup and tomorrow we have services for Betty. I am hear to tell you the Straw Family Farm has been brought to it’s knees and are praying for God to reach down his hand and touch us in a positive and healing way.

I have used every cliche you can imagine to ease RJ’s and Lee’s pain. I have tried to tell them that when God takes something he is opening your hand for something better. RJ and Lee both don’t want anything better they want what they had … RJ his Dog and Lee his Mom. I have tried the “they are in a better place” speech and how they are no longer hurting … But RJ and Lee are hurting and can’t believe God would leave them with the pain they have in their hearts.

Well, I am all out of cliches folks and though my own tears I have to say that I have lived through alot in my life but today was the hardest I have ever known. Not because of what you might think though. I had pain for the loss of Betty and Pup But my biggest pain was for the Men in my life to have so much pain that I could not ease. As I stood in my kitchen tonight, I held both my son and my husband as they broke down and sobbed tears of pain in my arms. Honestly, I don’t know how much more we can take. Everyone is trying so hard to not cry in front of everyone else for fear it will upset them. Everyone is trying to be strong for the others but none of us are getting the job done.

Frankly, I don’t know that I am much help…. I am writing this after finishing my Mother In Laws Obituary … both things I am doing to show my guys that I can be strong for them. All the while doubting I can keep putting off dealing with my own feelings and trying not to fall apart myself. I know we will get through this. How I don’t know. I just know that we are a strong family and together things will get better. As for all of you … You are watching the breakdown of a family in crisis trying to put life back together and hopefully be stonger for it.

Please fasten your seat belts and keep all arms and legs inside the car … if you dare to stay with us as we take this very bumpy ride we call our lives.

I owe you one

First, I am sorry for not keeping up with everything on the blog. It has been a bit off key around here in many aspects. I will back up and fill you all in starting with Friday.

Friday night I went to my Scholarship Rodeo but due to everything that had happened that day I really didn’t do very good. Mom and Dad say that is understandable but I wasn’t very happy with myself. Saturday Morning I met Sister at the Booth and we finished our set up and even though it really wasn’t our kind of venue it turned out to be just what we all needed. Just to give you a setting without going to much in detail … Mom, Dad, Sister and I all were at the church craft show with Mom giving spinning demos most of the day. Friends and family stopped by and then Dad’s Dad showed up.

We all played checkers for quite awhile on a handmade Quilted checker board owned by a family friend. We all laughed alot and had cookies and Tea and Coffee the church ladies provided to us. At one point a few of the ladies came up with some lunch for us all to share and Honestly I couldn’t think of a better first day with our Dad’s Mom to have been spent. Friends, family, our crafts of choice, good food and lots and lots of hugs and laughs.

When the show was over Dad and I had a rodeo to make. So we hit the road once again and we didn’t get home until 3am. It was a long night and again Dad and I neither one did any good. Mom says we just had to much on our minds to be roping. She is probably right but don’t tell her that. I always tell her there is never to much on my mind for roping… LOL

Yesterday, Well, that is a horse of a different color. We did NOTHING! I kid you not. We did chores as always and then Dad and I got of the fishing stuff and went through it … I have a jig tying workshop for 4-H in June so him and I were just getting a good look at things to see what we needed to pick up for that. Dad’s Dad called and was having issues with his laptop so he brought it out and we taught him how to do some things on it.

Mom busied herself baking cookies and making spaghetti. Then Mom put some photos on the PC for Harry. Dad and Harry were suprized to find Mom had been working on getting some old pictures in the computer for years and they didn’t know it. Mom let them look at all of them and heard the stories about when they were taken and who was who in them. It went on for hours. Dad and Harry laughed and told stories more like old friends would rather then father and son. It was really cool to see.

Dad did take time to really talk to his Dad too. Right now everyone is pulling at Harry and not giving him one minute of peace. I have to admit … Mom is the one making Dad aware of other’s feelings at this point and then Dad steps up when it is called for. Anyway, Harry was scared that if he told anyone “No he just wanted peace and quiet” that they would be mad and not come back. Dad assured him that we would be back time and time again and that he could never make us mad at him for wanting time to greive and to reflect and to just be by himself. Harry left feeling alot better. We found out that He wasn’t looking forward to Easter because he couldn’t be at both Dad’s house and my Aunt’s house. So Dad told him not to worry. If my Aunt wanted him there it would be fine we would just show up and crash the party … and that Harry will have time with both his children together on Easter.

Today I had to get in gear we have the roping clinic this coming Saturday and we have to get everything bought for lunch and lined out for that. Not to mention my regular 4-H meeting this afternoon. Top that off with this crazy weather … It is snowing here today. Yes, Snowing in April in Oklahoma … Who would have thunk it??? LOL

Tomorrow is the memorial for Betty. I don’t really know what to expect or what to think. As for now I am going to get through today before I worry about tomorrow. By the end of this week I am hoping things are back to normal … with Harry being around here a bit more often that is …

Things Change

I am putting together this post on the run … I have a rodeo tonight and Mom will be setting up my booth for me and my sister tonight for the craft show tomorrow. We will be fulfilling our prior obligations this weekend and then next week will be up in the air due to the Passing of Dad’s Mom today. Mom will still be taking care of Granny but that is the only thing we will say for sure.

I will be blogging but if it is hit and miss please forgive me … Things might get a bit off key around here … Now off to the Rodeo


Today took Mom and I back to the USDA office because they messed up on a paper Mom had to sign. From there we headed to Sam’s. I love Sam’s day! This time I got a box of hot pockets and a box of zingers. Not to mention enough animal crackers to feed not just the two legged animals around here but also the 4 legged ones.

While we were there I ended up upgrading my phone and it is one of those windows based Phones so I have to learn alot of stuff all over again. On the upside … I can watch netflix and hulu plus on my phone now …

After that we came home and had to deal with our neighbor’s bad idea to burn their pasture. The fire ended up jumping the tracks as it was left unattended. It came within feet of our land. We are happy that it didn’t get our pasture or land. However, It makes for a busy and very stressful day.

I ended my day at my Uncle’s roping pen. Tomorrow I will be getting the booth together and then at 4 I will be going to set up … the craft show is Saturday!

Running around

Well, today was kinda busy. We started off at the USDA office because Mom had to sign some stuff for Dad. From there Mom and I went to Bartesville and ate lunch with My Dad’s Dad and his Sister at KFC. We even picked up Granny some Chicken for he dinner. Then we were off to see Granny.

Granny was happy to see us, not just because we had her some dinner she didn’t have to cook, but because she doesn’t get alot of fast food. She had Mom take the time to find a pattern for the Poncho she is going to make Mom out of my only OE Southdown Babydoll yarn that we ever had spun up. We made the yarn the first year and Granny will be making a piece that we plan to pass down for generations to come. We also cleaned out her frig before we left. She sent all the yucky stuff home for us to feed to our chickens.

When we got home I roped at the house for a bit and then went to My Uncle’s and roped some more. Mom spent her time trying to get the yard mowed because the goats can’t keep up. Tomorrow I will be spending the day getting ready for the Craft show … It is Just two days away.

A whole lot of nothing

Today was an off day. Mom woke up with a headache so she went back to bed without getting me up. I ended up getting up before her and that is very unusual. Dad got called out of work to tend to his Mom again and we didn’t get much done around the farm due to the wind.

Mom and I did go get groceries from town though. The only other things that were note worthy for today was the fact that Van had one of his little attacks. I forgot to give him his antibiotics yesterday and I think that is what caused it. Hours later when the medication had time to get in his system he was back to his normal old self, running and playing.

At one point during the day three different fire stations sent tanker trucks up our road with full sirens. Mom made sure we had the cattle off the pasture and in the arena and that the hoses were in working order. Wild Fires are a part of Spring and Fall here on the prairie … I just wish people wouldn’t set them … Nature is one thing … Stupidity is another. When will people learn wind and fire don’t mix?

When Dad got home from the hospital, him and I went to rope with a friend to break in some new calves. I had fun and I think Dad got to forget about everything else that is going on for a bit. That seems to be a good thing in this case … We will see what tomorrow brings.

What Happened

Today was more of a lazy day for us. Dad was at the hospital most the day and Mom and I both had headaches. Mom worked on some crochet while I took in some TV. I did take time to help Mom get some pictures of some stuff she is working on for my Sister but other then that there wasn’t much going on.

This afternoon I went to rope when my Dad got home but nothing real exciting. The wind was cold and the day was over cast and a drizzle here and there …

To top off the day I still haven’t heard from anyone about the phat Fiber box … we are on our second drawing but next sunday we will have a third if it isn’t claimed…


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